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Monday 17 April 2017

Nigel Farage Racism EXPOSED

We hear the refrain time and again from those out there on the far right: Islam, they tell anyone not yet asleep, is not a race, and so to be Islamophobic - something which they don’t accept in any case - cannot mean they are racist. This is spouted so often that it has become part of the far right’s auto-immune system. It is also a steaming pile of crap: racism is exactly what it is, but under the cover of religion.
Squeaky naked bigotry finger up the bum time

This has been demonstrated superbly, if perhaps inadvertently, by former UKIP Oberscheissenf├╝hrer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, whose first reaction to a bomb attack on the team coach of German football team Borussia Dortmund was to Blame The Brown People. Citing his pal Arron Banks’ perhaps not totally disinterested website Westmonster, he observed the claim that the Police had issued a warrant for an alleged ISIS member.
This person, it was asserted, had come to Germany via Turkey, and was therefore one of those ghastly brown people. “I am sorry to say we will see this again in Europe” mused Mr Thirsty, who had earlier expressed sentiments such as “The biggest threat we face in the West is from Islamic terrorism. We must not lose sight of that”.
This was dressed up as merely a religious thing, though, with Farage also endorsing UKIP deputy leader Peter Whittle’s view that “We must prioritise Christian refugees”. Whether they would be so enthusiastic if those refugees turned out to be more brown people whose womenfolk wore headscarves was not told. But after Farage had had his ninepence worth on the Dortmund attack, plenty were telling the usual rubbish about the attackers.
Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson told the variously paranoid InfoWars faithful “25-year-old Iraqi prime suspect behind Dortmund blast” and then “Dortmund's players and fans welcomed Muslim ‘refugees’ and they still got attacked” (they’re not really refugees, you see). And Raheem “Call me Ray” Kassam from the convocation of the terminally batshit otherwise known as Breitbart declared that “Dortmund: German Authorities Detain 'Islamist Suspect’”. All echoed Farage’s line. And all were wrong.
We know this as Real News Sources (tm) have the real story. Sky news has told “Far-right claims responsibility for Borussia Dortmund blasts … German media report far-right groups have threatened another attack after three blasts targeting the Bundesliga team's bus”. The BBC reported that the local Police “say letters found at the scene may be an attempt to trick people into thinking there was an Islamist motive”.
Moreover, “Anonymous security experts … say the text of the letters was likely written by a native German speaker who built in mistakes to make it look like it was written by someone for whom German was their second language … another German newspaper, Tagesspiegel, said it had received an email from someone with right-wing motives, who said the attack was a warning and made racist threats”. It was the far-right.
Clearly this was too subtle for the far-right in the UK, whose Pavlovian response is to call anything that looks like a terror attack as the work of those ghastly brown people. Nigel Farage, to no surprise at all, has not corrected his wrong call. Nor have the other ranting righties. They are not concerned with that sort of thing.

This is not about religion. It’s about demonising “the other”. It’s racism, pure and simple.

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