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Monday 10 April 2017

Don’t Menshn You’ve No Credibility

While the administration of Combover Crybaby Donald Trump enjoys a brief respite from serious media investigation following the launch of 59 cruise missiles at a Syrian airbase last week - for all the good it did the US, so little was the damage - those claiming to have unearthed all manner of conspiracies over the Trump Gang’s Russia connections have not done themselves any favours. Which brings us to one particular Zelo Street favourite.
(c) Doc Hackenbush 2014

Yes, the latest target for the Russia apologists - if only to heap ridicule on her for undermining her own cause - has been (fortunately) former Tory MP Louise Mensch, now representing the distant constituency of Manhattan Upmarket. After all her recent ranting had distracted from genuine investigation into the Trump-Russia connection (the Sunday Politics interview being one of several low points), ridicule followed.
This was led by the Twitter account for the Russian Embassy in the UK, which posted “To really special people like @LouiseMensch and @funder who keep telling the world that @POTUS is a Russian puppet”. Trump may indeed be a Russian puppet. But the wild accusations made by Ms Mensch make it easier for her to be dismissed as a crank.
The reaction was typified by writer Graham Linehan, who was not surprised by the Russian sniping: “Knew this was coming. Louise Mensch's stupidity is being used to discredit the whole Trump/Russia investigation”. Glenn Greenwald, who knows a little about Russia and the espionage game, replied “The problem isn't her, but rather how she has been elevated into a credible Russia expert by prominent media & political platforms”.
Greenwald featured a still from that Sunday Politics interview, although to be fair to the BBC and host Andrew Neil, it was one of those many occasions where Ms Mensch’s campaign progressed not necessarily to her advantage. But just to make sure, he followed up with “Yes, but she's mostly just performance art, an internet crank. Would not be worth noting if she hadn't been elevated by mainstream platforms”.
Exactly what both Linehan and Greenwald might be getting at can be seen from another of those inexplicable off-the-wall Twitter meltdowns that could only come from Ms Mensch. For some reason known only to her, she totally lost it with another Twitter account that she had decided was in the pay of the Russians. The rant was truly memorable.
I swear to God that you will see the witch of night forever 0 hour, you and your whole crew, if you do not leave her alone now … Law enforcement will deal w her 0 hour. Stop what you are doing. It is not ok. I'm already angry with you. Nothing can save putin. Nothing … Hey 0 hour you offered me those photos. Another word and I will throw you the fuck under the bus. Leave her alone. I better wake up to that … Stop 0 hour. It won't save you. Burn your own assets. It won't save you. I don't need misogyny to hunt you down. Let her alone. I mean it”. NO-ONE ELSE IS TAGGED. She is talking to herself.

Fortunately, the investigation of Trump-Russia ties by the US security agencies proceeds whether Louise Mensch makes sense, or (as happens more often) not. And remember, they allowed her to become an MP.


Gareth Evans said...

Isn't 0hour the guy who expose loads of suspected peaodophile accounts on twitter and who got his account deleted by twitter? Maybe , given that Louise's husband was band manager of the lost prophets and a friend of Watkins, now serving lots of at HMP she is ranting about him , we shall probabaly never know

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

The mad tone of the rant is very similar to that of the one you quote from Paul 'Moody B&w Pic' Watson.
Are they by chance related?