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Tuesday 4 April 2017

Daily Mail - A Whites-Only Paper

After the brutal attack on a 17-year-old Kurdish-Iranian asylum seeker in Croydon, and the thundering denunciation of the perpetrators by the Daily Mail yesterday, some Mail readers might have stopped and thought: this was the paper that had put so much time and effort into demonising those same asylum seekers. So today has come a rather deliberate looking effort to reassure those readers. But it has backfired badly.
Immigration, Guv? It's the blacks, innit?!?

Tasked with pouring oil on troubled water has been the Mail’s tedious and unfunny churnalist Richard Littlejohn, whose dead giveaway is apparent as soon as you see the headline. “Stop smearing all Brexit voters as haters, Diane: RICHARD LITTLEJOHN says politicians like Abbott should cease exploiting the actions of 'cowardly scum' to attack those who voted Leave”. What have Leave voters to do with it?

Ah, but this is all part of Dicky Windbag playing the victim: “Left-wing politicians have seized on this awful, unprovoked attack as more ‘proof’ that Britain has become a vicious, racist country since we voted to leave the EU … The Remain camp would have us believe there has been an upsurge of racist violence against migrants by white working-class voters”. And it’s the Remain camp’s fault. They’re the ones Wot Done It.

But on goes Littlejohn, having established that all those rotten lefties are ganging up on Ordinary Hardworking British People, his next target giving the game away once again: “But check out the CCTV pictures of two of the suspects police in Croydon published yesterday. They don’t exactly fit the profile of knuckle-scraping white supremacists … One is black, the other appears to be mixed race”.
So don’t worry, Mail readers, you’re in the clear, and so are those writing all that tosh that some of you all too willingly believe. It Was The Blacks That Done It. By this admission, Richard Littlejohn is telling us that his target audience is white. He then doubles down by claiming “some of those in the frame seem to be from immigrant backgrounds themselves”. Yes, black and mixed race means They’re Migrants.

Think that was a one-off? Think again: “The open borders policies of the past 15 years have fostered bitter resentment between settled immigrants and more recent arrivals”. What’s a “settled immigrant”? Does he mean someone who was born in the UK who happens not to be white? Oh dear, that’s another giveaway.

On top of that is the giveaway that is his target - Diane Abbott. Because for the Mail, the worst possible public figure is a successful black woman who won’t take any crap from the inmates of the Northcliffe House bunker. Once again Littlejohn is writing from a Mighty White point of view - he just can’t see it that way.

It gets worse. To prove that Mail readers aren’t racist, honestly, he pleads “if Britain is brimming with racial hatred, why did Londoners elect Khan, a Muslim, as their mayor?” See, that Mayor of London, e’s Brahn, Innee? But London is a far more diverse city than much of its hinterland. London is not the same thing as Britain.
Still, if you don’t succeed, try sucking some more seed, eh? “How did a black woman like Diane Abbott manage to rise so high in politics?” Because she’s a bloody good MP and her constituents like her. Still, there’s always the victimhood to fall back on.

In the wake of the referendum, they produced a report claiming a ‘57 per cent increase’ in hate crime. Yet when the Mail investigated this figure, it was demonstrably untrue and was quickly withdrawn … That doesn’t stop it being trotted out regularly on radio, TV and in the Left-wing press”. It’s not been withdrawn - see HERE and HERE. And it was 41%.

All that is left is for Dicky Windbag to sign off his rant with another deflection and projection combo: “But even if this attack does prove to have been motivated by racial hatred, it’s high time cynical, opportunist politicians like Diane Abbott put aside their own bigotry and ceased exploiting the despicable actions of a handful of ‘cowardly scum’ to smear 17.4 million decent people who voted Leave”.

Look at the uppity black woman. It’s her fault. Look at the black and mixed race faces of the alleged assailants. It’s their fault. Look at how tolerant Mail readers are because there’s a brown Mayor in City Hall. It wasn’t the Mail’s fault for targeting asylum seekers, and nor was it the fault of Mail readers buying the rag and believing it.

As the Mail wants to at least maintain its sales figures, there can only be one conclusion: the people to whom Littlejohn is addressing his column are white. And that he continues to be employed by the Mail on a rumoured £800.000 a year contract shows that what he writes has the approval of the paper’s legendarily foul mouthed editor.

Richard Littlejohn and Paul Dacre, by first of all not lying low and keeping schtum on the Croydon attack, and then blaming it all on black people, have given the game away. This is a paper for a white audience, a confirmed bastion of journalistic apartheid, whoever is hired to get the copy out there. The Daily Mail is a whites only paper.


Anonymous said...

The answer to most of Littlejohn's "How Come?" questions is utterly obvious to anybody resident on these shores.
Perhaps less so form the distant shores of Florida.

Most of our population are decent and law abiding.
An unhappy proportion are bigoted, a fraction of which are prepared to enact their bigotry as violence.

Crime figures suggest that the violent bigots are increasing their activities.
A look at the tabloid press shows that their fellow travelers (with typewriters) are also upping their game.

A.Robot (Mrs) said...

Dacre doesn't believe that ALL black people are a problem. He met one once and concluded that he did a good job on the house and therefore it was unfair his son was murdered by the same sort of 'patriots' responsible for the Croydon attack.
Stephen Lawrence's dad was ok. It's the others, innit, Sir Paul?

As for Littlejohn, it would take a man of much greater stature to resist the offer of so much lucre for the very small matter of his integrity.

Anonymous said...

This is not unlike the old "Labour imported lots of Labour voters" canard: They just can't imagine an immigrant would ever vote Tory. And why do you suppose they think that?