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Monday 10 April 2017

Paul Watson Pwns Himself

The closed world and limited real world experience of Battersea bedroom dweller Paul Watson, who rather grandly styles himself Prison Planet and spends his time propagandising for the screamingly batshit Alex Jones at InfoWars, has come back to bite him once more. One attempt to snark at someone of differing political opinion has been enough to send the poor dear into a self-inflicted tailspin.
Paul Watson - fantasy versus reality

Watson made his faux pas after seeing that writer and campaigner Owen Jones had appeared in GQ magazine. Horrified at the thought that the rotten lefties were getting more attention than him - and deservedly so - the InfoWars keyboard warrior went into battle, Tweeting “Working class hero @OwenJones84 spends over a grand on a jacket … Another out of touch metropolitan elitist posing as a man of the people”.
Owen Jones - not wearing a £1,000 jacket

There was only one problem with this attack: the jacket Jones was wearing does indeed retail at over £1,000 a throw, but it was not his. Watson had not stopped and thought that the photos might not be the only things specially posed in a photo shoot - possibly because, like the advice in the old Ford Fiesta advert, he needs to “get out more”.
Moreover, Jones is not a flashy individual, as his response shows. “Just to clarify: I did an interview with GQ, this is their jacket. Think the most I've ever spent on a jacket is £50”. That means he spends rather less on his jackets than even I do. Watson could at this point have decided that discretion was the better part of valour, but for the batshit Alt-Right, the thought of engaging brain before mouth is anathema. And so it proved.
Very insightful how much middle class, privately educated pretentious UK trust fund twats who pretend to represent the working class hate me” he whined. Jones went to a state Comprehensive, he ain’t pretentious, and it would be news to all concerned if he had a trust fund. BINGO! Could he dig himself in deeper? He certainly could.
Must be rooted in their deep-seated hypocrisy at being posh, pampered mummy's boys who are faking it while I actually grew up working class”. Bloody hell, Paul Watson actually grew up? Who knew? But do go on. “Wearing £1,000 jackets for GQ photo shoots while pretending to represent the working class is NOT the new counter-culture”. Nobody is pretending that it is. It’s just a photo shoot to accompany an interview.
And after Watson was reminded that, actually, some working class people like to save for the occasional luxury item, he sniped “No, they normally don't buy luxury items because they're working class and have little money. Is this hard to grasp?” Not going very well, was it? Have another go. “I don't understand how poncy magazine shoots work because I'm an actual person and not a pretentious twat pretending to be working class”.
No, unlike Owen Jones, who isn’t pretentious, Watson doesn’t understand because he’s the kind of actual person whose interaction with the outside world is so limited that he, er, doesn’t understand. And doesn’t understand he picked a scrap and then lost it.

Paul Watson should stick to whipping up conspiracy theory rubbish for Alex Jones. He’s crap at that, but at least he’s less crap than pretending to understand the real world.

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