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Friday 21 April 2017

Sun Danczuk Exclusive BUSTED

There may be precious little information coming out of the Labour Party right now concerning goings-on in Rochdale, where sitting MP Simon Danczuk remains suspended following his “sexting” a 17-year-old girl. That is, I’m told, because the Labour Party is having difficulty making a decision on the matter. But one person has commented: step forward Steve Hawkes, deputy political editor of the Murdoch Sun.
Someone in this photo is hoping for a bumper payday

Rumour that Simon Danczuk will be reinstated as Labour MP today then re-suspended if he wins. It is a crazy world” he Tweeted yesterday. Why might the Sun be taking an interest in the political future of Spanker Si? Ah well. A Danczuk reinstatement would be the Murdoch goons’ birthdays all coming at once. I will explain.

News has arrived on Zelo Street that the Super Soaraway Currant Bun has a spill-the-beans warts-and-all “exclusive” all ready to go. The paper’s source stands, I’m told, to secure a six-figure payday as a result. But that source is not Simon Danczuk.

So who is the name in the frame? I am reliably informed that Spanker’s ex-wife Karen has given the Murdoch goons a tell-all lowdown of Danczuk’s misbehaviour. The story, it has been put to me, will make serious allegations against the MP.
And the target of the story - which I am led to believe is intended to run over a number of days in order to do maximum damage - is the Labour Party, and Jeremy Corbyn. Yes, this is the Murdoch press’ magic Labour-killing bullet. So if Labour let Spanker back in to the party, they will be made to look seriously bad when the story breaks.

I’ll go further: it has also been put to me that Kazza’s payday would involve a wider opening of the Sun wallet if her ex were readmitted to Labour. Why so? Simples. The storyline would then be something like “Labour knew he was a vile pervert and still they let him stand as an MP … how can anyone vote for Corbyn now?

I know, I know, some of you will be pointing out that Jezza has had nothing to do with Spanker’s suspension, and this is true. But that will not get in the way of the Murdoch goons pinning as much of this mess on him as they can get away with.

What has also been put to me is that Kazza will get round it being pointed out that she stood by her ex-husband over the Alicante Airport ruckus back in 2009 and the subsequent fiasco of the “Rochdale Seven” by saying He Made Her Do It. A similar set of excuses will likely be deployed to explain why she refused to press charges recently after Spanker was taken away by the cops in Algorfa and spent two nights in the nick at Orihuela.
Corbyn - the target of the Sun story

Kazza, I’m reliably informed, is being inadvertently helped by her ex-husband, who has apparently resorted to threatening a judicial review of his suspension. This has had the effect of delaying the Labour Party’s decision yet further, with the selection for Rochdale now effectively in limbo - not an ideal place to be with the poll on 8th June.

Why would Kazza do this, and do it now? Simples once more. She, it seems, sees Spanker as being effectively finished, and so any dosh from that source she can forget. A six-figure pay day could pay off the mortgage and even provide a little spending money. The kind of one-off opportunity unlikely to come round again.
Ooh, what a coincidence!

And that, folks, is why the Sun would dearly like Labour to cave in to Danczuk’s threats and let him back into the party. As soon as that happens, the presses roll, the story is splashed, and the Corbyn campaign is holed below the waterline.

There will be suitably judgmental editorials and comment pieces - the pundits may have already filed their copy in anticipation of the ambush being effected.

You think I jest? Already, the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines and his rabble at the Guido Fawkes blog, Sun helpers extraordinaires, have told the world that Spanker will be running as a candidate - and used a photo tying him to Corbyn. The agreed line to take.

When it comes to fighting dirty, there is no newspaper in the UK to match the Sun.


Anonymous said...

When Karen Danczuk sold her child rape story to the Sun, the police read it there first.

She took the cash without going to police, who had to go to her and persuade her to make a statement.

Yes her brother is in jail, but the jury was not totally convinced of many of her allegations and found him NOT guilty of many of the charges, while those of which he was found guilty it was a majority verdict, not unanimous. Simon Danczuk was not called to give evidence to support her. There may be an appeal.

Karen must have had her 'Sun exclusive' for that all tied up in advance, which some say is why she claimed anonymity while the case was ongoing in order to prevent press reporting. Given that the verdict was delayed and the Sun had its exclusive with video on her Rochdale sofa online within a very short space of time, I wonder what would have happened had the verdict been different?

She swore at a Labour Party hearing that Simon had not assaulted her regarding the first Spain incident (in which it was alleged she in return was violent with him). That incident resulted in longstanding Labour members being expelled from the party for bringing it into disrepute, for simply seeking an inquiry into the incident.

The second claimed assault, splashed all over the press last year, I hear a rather different story to the various ones she told in the press. Karen wasn't quite the innocent victim she claimed I was told, while Simon's story of her locking him out and the door glass falling on her when he was trying to get back in may be not a total fantasy. Whatever, she told all in the Sun and other places so no doubt it was quite a lucrative experience.

If Karen Danczuk is now to claim in a Sun exclusive for a major payout Simon Danczuk raped her, and that she's been coerced by a violent controlling man to say all the things she has in support of him over time, as she's not the strong woman she's always told the world she is, without ever telling police, she's going to set a few more people smelling rats.

Her own father testified against her in court, saying she's a born liar. Others in her family claim the same, a fantasist. She's certainly not consistent with many of her stories.

Sun and Karen need to consider that possibly Simon Danczuk, who I'm not defending in any way as I think he's no innocent wronged either, has a few tales of his own to tell. This could get very messy.

It could also be another cash cow for both of them. The claims get ever more sleazy, ever more sensational, just what the gutter press likes.

I'm cornering the UK supply of popcorn NOW.

I hate danczuk said...

Since he first got selected I've lost count of the times I've been told that Dumfuk is finally going to get exposed. So excuse me if I think the sneaky slimey Teflon bastard is going to get away with it again.

Anonymous said...

The NEC will decide if Simon Danczuk will be accepted or rejected as a candidate for Rochdale on May 3rd, according to the BBC.

I have been told that a senior Labour figure (who is standing down as an MP...) has been pressing for him NOT to be re-instated as he's damaging not only Labour in Rochdale but the wider area. He's a vote loser.

There's the matter of the Manchester Mayor elections too. Labour has a candidate.

Allegations in the Sun don't prove anything one way or another, if published, so can be discounted until he's at least charged. Then there's the matter of a prosecution let alone a verdict.

Karen Danczuk has been claiming she's writing a work of fiction for some time and recently hinted she's found a publisher. There would have to be a considerable amount of ghost writing as she's 'no AA Gill' as another Zelo Street story testified.


Today she's been hinting again she may stand as a candidate. No doubt that's all to attract media attention too. She was a terrible councillor by all accounts, after one term told to stand down as she was damaging the party and losing votes with her antics.

Politics and sleaze. Urgh.

Anonymous said...

The Danczuk's must be well and truly on their uppers if one of them has to start making risky allegations about the other for a wad of cash. (Taxman are you watching?) Without a doubt they both have dirt on each other to fling and, that is where it should stay as Dirt for the sake of their Children who are growing up in such a toxic environment.

Many a whisper has been made of overstretched Finances, Mortgages, Car bills and living the high life without managing to hold down a decent honest job. It is long overdue that Karen Danczuk obtains a job and slinks away into anonymity instead of leeching public finances. Her time is over and it is plain to see from the hundreds of blunt but honest comments made in Newspapers and Social Media that Joe Public are not her fans any more.