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Thursday 12 November 2015

Sun Corbyn Aide Porkie Busted

The tendency of Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Super Soaraway Currant Bun to cast journalism to the wind and just make up what they want about Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn - and anyone who works for him - has once again been demonstrated in spades as Jezza’s visit to Buck House to meet Brenda, and something his chief spinner Seumas Milne said some years ago, have been subjected to creative reinvention.
Both “stories” have been conjured up by the odious flannelled fool Henry Cole, formerly tame gofer to the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines at the Guido Fawkes blog, whose frequently untrue wibblings would not have warranted such close attention when he was chez Fawkes, but now he has been given the platform of a national newspaper, he should expect to be held to account and suitably called out.

The occasion of Corbyn’s appointment to the Privy Council brings a routine whopper, as Master Cole tells “The Right Honourable Jeremy Corbyn is now a member of the Privy Council after swearing to be a ‘true and faithful Servant’ to the Queen - but he did not kneel down before Her Maj”. And how would the Sun’s alleged “Westminster Correspondent” know what happened behind closed doors at the Palace?

Ah well. Here’s the dishonesty: Corbyn “met the Queen at Buckingham Palace this evening to pledge an oath of loyalty, in a ceremony that traditionally involves kneeling and brushing the lips on Her Maj’s hand … However he had told ITV News earlier in the day that he did not ‘expect to be kneeling at all’ adding: ‘I expect to be nominated to the Privy Council at that’s it’”. So the flannelled fool just made it up.
It gets worse with an attack on Seumas Milne, creatively titledJEZ AIDE’S VILE INSULT TO UK AFGHAN HEROES”, where, once again, something Milne said some time ago is held up as contempt for Our Brave Boys, whom the Sun supports so fervently that it wants them to be put in harm’s way more than any other British newspaper. But what can Milne have said that could be called a “Vile Insult”?

He allegedly told a Stop The War gathering six years ago that “The current political storm about equipment and helicopters is transparently a red herring”. Very good Master Cole, but we remember the claim, also made by the Sun, that Milne had claimed the killing of Lee Rigby “wasn’t terrorism”. That was blatantly taking his remarks out of context: he had not made such a claim. So what was the context of his 2009 speech?

Small wonder the Sun’s newest non-journalist won’t tell you that: Milne was referring to the furore over equipment and helicopters in the context of his call to bring our troops home from Afghanistan. Sine 2009, hundreds of them have died there. But the hypocrites at the Sun say they are on the troops’ side, while Master Cole exploits a grieving Mum so he can pretend Seumas Milne is somehow insufficiently patriotic.

Perhaps Cole would like to piss on the memory of Tony Benn while he’s at it. He was, after all, a speaker at the same rally. So was Jeremy Corbyn. But the Sun and its vile hacks aren’t interested in peace. Wherever and whenever there is a war, they can be seen shouting down the insufficiently bellicose. After all, they aren’t the ones getting killed.

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Anonymous said...

Here's a constructive suggestion for all Murdoch's hired hack-cowards:

Whatever your age, join the military and get yourself onto the front line and in harm's way of any conflict this country is engaged in, including the covert ones. There's almost enough of them for you to take your pick.

It might even dawn on their dim Neanderthal minds to check the suicide figures of military veterans in the USA and elsewhere. They could too spend a year "interviewing" surviving family members of hundreds of thousands of innocents killed by crackpot US and NATO murderous assaults. And while they're at it, check out the source and identity of the propagandist who decided to use "shock and awe" instead of "blitzkrieg" to describe the aerial mass murders you see on your TV screens every night.

But we all know Murdoch's boot boy cowards will do nothing of the sort. They're far too busy hurrying young men and women off to do the dirty work while they get off to the nearest overpriced mediocre wine bar or restaurant in Lahndan.

One day, though, those same young men and women will see through it all and decide to do something about it.............