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Thursday 12 November 2015

Simon Danczuk Double Hypocrisy

The tendency of Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk to come over all righteous with anyone of whom he disapproves is legion, and this righteousness was in evidence last Sunday as he cast aside any thought of giving his party leader the benefit of the doubt over the “did Corbyn bow or not” non-story and just joined in the with the right-wing press, as is his wont, and put the boot in.
As Roy Greenslade at the Guardian told, when the Sun cast around for someone to give them a quote on the non-story, they wereable to garner quotes from people who thought Corbyn’s nod inappropriate. They included the rent-a-quote Labour maverick, Simon Danczuk, and an ex-Tory defence minister, Sir Gerald Howarth, plus a self-styled, self-promoting ‘etiquette expert’”.
So anything that can be deemed disrespectful to do with acts of remembrance is clearly A Very Bad Thing, then. But Danczuk is also prone to acts of jaw-dropping hypocrisy, the latest of which kicked off after the Standard revealed “Labour MP Simon Danczuk pulled out of a parliamentary fact-finding trip to China at the last minute after discovering he would have to fly economy class”. Oh, the shame! Do go on.
The Rochdale MP withdrew after a request to be upgraded was turned down. It led to the whole four-day visit being ‘killed’, according to a Tory MP. But Mr Danczuk dismissed this as ‘nonsense’ … He said a health condition, believed to be a back problem, meant that the travel arrangements - which included a flight of more than 11 hours - were ‘unsuitable’ for him”. And then came the first act of hypocrisy.
Danczuk claims to have a bad back, but has no problem going on 10 kilometre runs, boasting that he can complete this distance in less than an hour. And he was out for a run this morning too, that prompting his second act of hypocrisy as he Tweeted “Went for a run this morning, out above #Rochdale, as recommended by the #NHS!” There was only one problem with his Tweet - it was timed at 1100 hours.
That would be 1100 hours on the 11th day of the 11th month, which is the start of the two minutes’ silence to remember the Armistice that ended The Great War. In other words, Danczuk had indulged in inappropriate and disrespectful behaviour towards the memory of the dead, rather like he righteously claimed Jeremy Corbyn had done. And this time, he incurred the displeasure of Rupe’s downmarket troops at the Sun.
Then, instead of adhering to Healey’s Dictum, he decided to dig himself in a little deeper: “To be clear, I tweeted this well before the two-minute silence! No idea why it was delayed”. It wasn’t delayed Si, you missed that last weekend’s service at the Cenotaph wasn’t actually on the 11th of November and got caught out this morning. As a result, your pants are well and truly alight. You’re welcome.

Poor Simon Danczuk. He can’t even lie convincingly. And probably not for the last time.


Andy McDonald said...

And when will he realise that The Sun Is Not Your Friend? When they've used him up and spat him out and had some fun giving him a beasting.

They're dirty, and if you get into bed with them, you'll end up dirty too.

Anonymous said...

If only on Remembrance occasions said hypocrite spent more time on research of history and truth.......

He could for instance take a good long look at publicly available evidence that the First World War was caused deliberately by a combination of colonialism and capitalism. He could identify and list the banks, transnational companies and merchant families (from all nations) that made fortunes from the conflict. He could show there were many opportunities to avoid the genocidal horror, but all of them conveniently ignored.

Then he could move on to the causes of the Second World War and compile the same lists for the promoters and financiers of nazism, fascism and falangism, all of whom were prime movers in the continuing heinous destruction and mass murders of the last century.

Two generations were sent to their awful deaths in that time. It was a period when potential advancement of the human race was set back for an incalculable number of years, all of it to satisfy the power and profits lust of a tiny number of men. The same type of lunatics who own and run our society to this very day.

Then he could take a very long, very hard look at himself in a mirror. But I bet he doesn't.

A Kelly said...

Dansuck could easily get an upgrade, it's called paying for it himself.

SteveB said...

never mind what time he tweeted it -why does he think anyone would care what he was doing? Why do any twitter users think the world cares what they are doing? Basically twitter is just a device to fill their time and stop them doing anything more negative for a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

What an absolute buffoon, drowning in terrible PR.

Some folk might say that Simon hasn't got the staff to lie out of their skins for him at the mo. Simon's too busy lining up his next shag or lining up his drinks.

His old chum the Poison Pen is surely too busy scribbling away the next anti-Corbyn diatribe for DM. Why, back in the old days surely Mr. Baker would have defended Simon to the hilt, just like Hazel?