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Sunday 8 November 2015

Corbyn Cenotaph Bowing Idiocy

The annual ceremony of remembrance at the Cenotaph in London’s Whitehall, attended by the Royal Family, political leaders, and representatives from British Overseas Territories, the Commonwealth and armed forces, is meant to not merely remember past conflicts, but also to show respect for those who, in numbers unimaginable today, laid down their lives fighting for this country in past conflicts.
No, he still doesn't look scary

That last point, for reason best known to the right-leaning part of our free and fearless press, was absent from their memories today as the occasion of wreath-laying was - all too predictably - turned into another excuse to gratuitously trash Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. The idiocy on view, as supposedly grown-up hacks and pundits trampled all over the memory of so many, was as needless as ever.
That idiocy had already been on show in the hours before the ceremony, with the Telegraph running “Labour shadow ministers ditch Jeremy Corbyn's 'barmy' women-only train carriages proposal … Exclusive: Labour shadow transport secretary says she is 'not convinced' idea would work as source says 'barmy' proposal will never become party policy”. He did not make such a proposal. And the mental health smear is noted.
The piss-poor SunNation website ran a particularly creative article telling that Pa Broon would be giving the Cenotaph a miss today, and instead attending a remembrance service in Scotland, so he could avoid Jezza. This was down to the usual standard of Murdoch dishonesty: Brown, along with other former Prime Ministers Tone and “Shagger” Major, was present and correct. SunNation pulled their story, but the URL is still there.
This served to show that whatever Corbyn did in his first turn at the Cenotaph, it would be reinvented in the most creative manner possible. And so it came to pass: the Labour leader wore a dark suit and tie, sported a red poppy, and carried an appropriate air of gravitas, but he was not out of the woods yet. His bow, following the wreath-laying, did not have the ostentatious overstatement of Young Dave’s.
And that was the green light for every mindless self-appointed “patriot” to pile in: Jezza had not bowed properly, and had therefore been insufficiently respectful. An early adopter of this new collective idiocy was Christopher “No” Hope of the Telegraph, ostentatiously adding an over-large poppy to his Twitter avatar, bleating “Why did all the party leaders bow their heads … apart from Jeremy Corbyn who barely bowed his?
The reality of Jezza's "disrespect"

SunNation, thinking nobody had noticed the earlier howler (wrong), trawled Twitter for anyone unhappy at Jezza failing to do something that he actually did. And my good friend Richard Bartholomew remembered that we had been here before: the Mail, in 2009, was typical as it gasped “Gordon Brown criticised for failing to bow his head at Cenotaph unlike every other party leader”. So the press was waiting for it, then.

Some in the press don’t like Jeremy Corbyn. We get that, thanks. But the avalanche of exaggeration, abuse, and downright lies needs to stop. Grow up and get a grip, hacks.


Anonymous said...


What did you expect from the ranting righties bought-and-paid for by the Murdoch Nazi and the Dacre mob?


If so, don't hold your breath.

Best ready yourself for the far right propaganda to get even worse. They can and will get lower than a snake's belly. Nazis are like that.

Shawlrat said...

Whatever Jeremy Corbyn had done and however he behaved he would have been criticised. Apparently he wore an ill fitting suit too.
Red poppy : hypocrite
White poppy : wrong
No poppy : unpatriotic
You think you couldn't make it up but the right wing media do so and on a daily basis.

By the way, in case anyone forgot, we were supposed to be respecting the dead today.

Arnold said...

I wasn't aware that the ceremony was a nodding contest.
From the Mail "However, while other leaders including Mr Cameron, the SNP's Angus Robertson and Lib Dem Tim Farron nodded their head firmly, Mr Corbyn's bow was noticeably less emphatic."
Strangely, there is no mention of Cameron's part in turning Libya into a failed state. If we can't learn anything from Remembrance Day, what purpose does it serve?
Oh, and just when you thought that the DM barrel scrapers couldn't scrape any harder.
"Eyes front! The moment it got too much for one soldier at the Cenotaph when he VOMITED all over his marching comrade "

SteveB said...

To add to Shawlrat's comment..

Not only were we supposed to be respecting the dead today, we should also remember why a lot of them died - to allow the freedom to be different to what certain politicans would like from us, be that in thought, action or manner of dress. Something lost on the fascist press.

Joannie said...

As someone with severe arthritis in the neck and shoulder area might it simply be that at the age of sixty seven he has something similar and bending his head too far hurts like hell?

rob said...

One can only hope it's remaining readers give The Sun the well deserved "el" bow.