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Monday 2 November 2015

New Danczuk Anti-Labour Smear EXPOSED

Time after time, Rochdale’s nominally Labour MP Simon Danczuk is caught putting the boot into his own party, and time after time he protests that he has been a party member for all those years, and is doing no more than speaking up against those who he sees as not wanting to be in power, somehow not realising that Labour is less likely to be in power while he is inside the tent, and pissing in, rather than out.
Whether it was smearing Mil The Younger over Greville Janner - the Sun article is believed to be the one for which he was paid £2,000 an hour, just for his “contribution” - or his regular Mail On Sunday gig which nets an estimated £1,000 an hour, and is packed every week with clumsy and poorly researched attacks on his own party leadership, Danczuk is doing an awful lot of pissing. And now he seems to be manufacturing smears.
While Sue Helliwell observed of Danczuk “yesterday he and his lady sat in front of us #labnw2015 they giggled and text[ed] whilst Jeremy spoke”, and Joe Public added “And tweeted” - Danczuk claimed in his Tweet to have been listening to the speech he was most likely not listening to - he and “his lady” got ready to pull their smear.
Reports of bullying by far left at NW Labour Youth Conference reinforces what I've said here” Tweeted Danczuk, referring to his latest MoS article. And Claire Hamilton said more or less the same thing: “Amid reports hard left bullying young members at #LabNW15 this @SimonDanczuk article is well worth a read”. Ms Hamilton is Danczuk’s replacement for now-estranged wife Karen. What a coincidence!
Then a Tweeter called Chris Harms agreed: “there’s just SO MUCH bullying going on”. Ms Hamilton Retweeted it. But he was only taking the piss: “OK you retweeted me but I haven’t actually seen any bullying.... I was being facetious. Sorry!” Ms Hamilton’s disappointment was palpable: “The bullying and the victims of it is [sic] serious. Disappointed you can make such a joke of it. Sad reflection on Party”.
Chris Harms had to put her straight: “I thought we were joking about you RTing my facetious comment? I'm confused … also I’m not a Labour member”. Not doing much homework on that, then, Claire. But eventually a Tweeter called emeraldtime arrived to back the Danczuk view: “It's the truth. Labour Youth candidates who didnt vote Corbyn were punished and conspired against. Intimidation”.
However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, that account had only been created a few hours earlier, although that did not stop both Danczuk and Ms Hamilton Retweeting the comment, such was their clear desperation. But in the meantime, Joe Public reported “Just had a witness tell me there is no evidence of bullying at Labour Youth Conference”. The name of that witness is known, and is credible.

All of which points to Simon Danczuk, along with his current partner, putting out a story attacking their own party which has little or no basis in fact. Perhaps others in the Labour Party will find that interesting. So I’ll just leave it there.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is just a taste of the kind of lies and smears to come from New Labour. Backed of course by their allies, tory mainstream media (that is, all of it).

Just be grateful Danksuck is so stupid he keeps tripping over his own far right propaganda.

Keep pointing it out, Tim. If there's one thing scares the far right shitless it's the truth.

Sooner or later it'll reach critical mass. Unfortunately there's an awful lot of Danksuck-type garbage to counter before we reach that point, perhaps even another gerrymandered election in what passes for "democracy" in this benighted and divided country.