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Wednesday 5 December 2012

Guido Fawked – Sneering At Disability

Children, as the creators of South Park observed, can be cruel, and that cruelty readily extends to those who find speaking – and especially in public, and under pressure – a trial. But most of them grow out of it, although, from today’s reaction to events in the House of Commons, not all, and especially not the rabble who inhabit the world of the Guido Fawkes blog.

Balls? So what, he's only a socialist

The target for the Fawkes folks was shadow chancellor “Auguste” Balls, who has readily confessed that he struggled for many years with a bad stammer, and he still occasionally trips over his delivery. But, rather than cut him some slack – as they would do for anyone on their preferred side of the House – the Fawkes crowd sees this as an opportunity to sneer at someone’s weakness.

I can say what I like, cos I'm on telly!

Their attitude is doubly compounded: Balls has a reputation as a political bruiser, and he has committed the heinous sin of serving Pa Broon, for whom the perpetually thirsty Paul Staines holds a singularly irrational and unpleasant hatred. So when Balls stood up to respond to The Rt Hon Gideon George Oliver Osborne, heir to the Seventeenth Baronet, today and tripped over his words, Staines was ecstatic.

And so were his odious tame gofer, the flannelled fool Henry Cole, and new teaboy Alex Wickham, who has taken a worryingly short space of time to go from reasonable human being to first grade shit, and thus fitting in very well indeed. Indeed, it seems to have been Wickham who started the cat-calling as he compared Balls’ speech impediment to that of the late George VI.

Cole clearly thought this jolly witty and rip-snortingly funny, and so Tweeted what was not a pearl of wisdom so all like minded yah-boo boys could have a really good baying guffaw at the stupid boy who couldn’t get his words out. How he laughed! How spiffingly clever they all must have felt! Just think how super all the other right-wing froth merchants would think he was!

Wickham made no attempt to disown his thoroughly nasty act, but instead confirmed that he was indeed “taking the piss out of” people who stammered. Meanwhile, Cole was eagerly waiting to pounce on the next fluff of phrase, which he did like a true creep. He then added a bar to his Distinguished Creeping Medal, an act which will have had him hooting with self congratulation.

And then they all told their pals about the video! So they could replay the moment and sneer at the boy with the stammer all over again! Oh how terribly funny it must have been for them! Not for Staines, Cole and Wickham the thought that any one of them is only one accident, or medical incident, away from worse than a stammer. Not for them the idea of behaving like civilised human beings.

Behold a trio of utter human nonentities. That behaviour is the lowest of the low.


Anonymous said...

Any other individual and it wouldn't be acceptable but for such an odious hypocritical turd like Balls and we can let it slide.

Tim Fenton said...

We can't "let it slide" for anyone, no matter what your opinion of them or their politics.

Anonymous said...

so you'd rip the piss out of someone's disability just because you diagree with their political view?
are you the sort to call brown a 'one-eyed' idiot?
odious, indeed.

Tim Fenton said...

The Fawkes blog's range of insults directed at Gordon Brown knows no bounds, and shows an ignorance of, and intolerance of, mental health issues.