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Thursday 19 January 2012

Gilligan, Gilligan, You’re A Prat

It was all going to be so easy: rotten leftie Ken Livingstone was going to lose the upcoming London mayoral election to the infinitely more wonderful Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson, despite the latter putting more effort into collecting his annual £250,000 of “chicken feed” from the Maily Telegraph than being arsed to turn up sufficiently regularly to be seen as a full time Mayor.

Moreover, last June Bozza had an eight point lead over Ken, with almost a quarter of London’s Labour voters choosing the Tory. But this morning, YouGov brought the shock news that Ken had whittled away Bozza’s lead and was two points in front. TelegraphLondon Editor” (for which read “resident Ken kicker”) Andrew Gilligan knew who to blame. “Boris Johnson: time for some campaigning?” he asked.

And this was bovine by-product of the ripest kind. Gilligan should look to himself: he has constantly assumed that Bozza had it in the bag, and his posts show this.

December 15: “Tube strikes: guess who Ken Livingstone’s supporting?” sneers Gilligan, in typically dismissive pose. Just in case readers didn’t get that, five days later came “Happy Christmas Aslef, says Ken Livingstone”. Yeah, rotten leftie!

December 28: “Ken Livingstone draws ‘diving’ lines”. Ken’s so desperate that he’s claiming to be ahead in the polls! Ha ha ha!! He’s rubbish, readers!!!

December 29: “Ken Livingstone’s running mate attacks his ‘misjudgment’ on Islamic extremism” says Gilligan. Hey everyone, split! Labour split!!

January 3: “Ken Livingstone: those fare promises in full”. Rubbish promises, too!

January 5: “Ken Livingstone: new lies on crime, fares and congestion charge”. Hey rotten leftie, your pants are on fire!

January 9: “Ken Livingstone’s shallow populism”. He’s out of touch. And a leftie!

January 11: “Ken Livingstone: beware, fraudster operating on public transport”. The rubbish old Leftie just scored an own goal! Ha ha ha!!

January 11: “Ken Livingstone: another meltdown and another lie”. He was rubbish on the Vanessa show! And his pants are on fire!!

January 18: “Ken Livingstone is divisive, says Labour MP”. Labour say he’s rubbish!

Boris needs to do some campaigning? Come off it. As Adam Bienkov has pointed out today, Ken has talked about issues that matter to Londoners, while Bozza has talked vanity projects and his pals in the City. And it hasn’t helped that his supporters in the press can’t cut out the yah-boo knocking copy. Gilligan, you’re not only a useless hack, and a Tory tribalist, but a complete prat. Look to yourself first.


Merp said...

Red Ken's a prat and a dinosaur though, and London deserves the crap policies it'll get if it decides to be stupid enough to elect him AGAIN.

Tim Fenton said...

I would like to thank the Cameron Slater fan club for managing to put together a coherent comment for once.

Anonymous said...

Better bus services is a crap policy?