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Sunday 16 January 2011

Fox, Kuwait, Iraq – What The Hell

Until last Friday, some thought that most of the cost of the First Gulf War had been met by Saudi Arabia, and that the USA, and other nations that had participated in the UN led action to take back control of Kuwait from the Ba’athist state of Iraq were happy with the outcome.

Also, the idea that the Iraqis asked for the 2003 invasion and the chaos that followed might have been a difficult one to sell. But all doubt was swept away on Friday evening in less than a minute by professional loudmouth Sean Hannity, “star” of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse).

In a panel discussion on high oil prices, Hannity said of Kuwait and Iraq: “You know, we have every right to go in there and frankly take all their oil and make them pay for the liberation”.

Hannity is not some fringe wingnut. He is Fox’ second highest rating host, his show airing at 2100 hours ET on weekdays. He also said that Global Warming did not exist, because it had snowed in Houston.

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