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Saturday 8 January 2011

Davina – The Chat That Got Away

What can beat the maximum cheesiness of a Garnier advert featuring a “chat” between Z-list Sleb Davina McCall and her mum? Well, there is the chat that we didn’t see ...

Mum: Hello Davina

Davina (for it is she): Oh, hi Mum

Mum: I do hope you’re all right, Davina

Davina: Of course, yeah, I’m fine ... fine

Mum: That is good ... I called to tell you about the Ahmeds

Davina: Oh right – that’s the family across the road from you, yeah?

Mum: You remembered. Yes, that’s them.

Davina: So what’s the big news?

Mum: Well, they have relatives who live in south Lebanon.

Davina: Er, yeah, OK?

Mum: Well, they got caught in an Israeli air raid last week and were all killed

Davina: Oh don’t worry Mum, my hair’s lovely and soft now I’ve started using new Garnier Nutrisse


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