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Saturday 13 April 2019

UKIP MEP Hopefuls Sewer Of Hatred

As if the candidates to be fielded by Nigel “Thirsty” Farage’s Brexit Party were not bad enough, along has come Adolf von Batten and his team at the new-look UKIP to go one worse, with a slate of candidates that includes one who has been handed a life ban by Twitter, and another who now has a criminal record after posting grossly offensive and indeed anti-Semitic material on his YouTube channel.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

Kippers dabbling in anti-Semitism? That’ll be Mark Meechan from Coatbridge, who styles himself Count Dankula. Meechan posted a video on YouTube where he got his partner’s dog to respond to the command “Gas the Jews”. This phrase was declaimed more than 30 times, for those who might have excused him over some kind of linguistic slip.

Meechan said in his defence that this was just a joke, and that it was all about, you guessed it, FREEZE PEACH. Glasgow’s Jewish community didn’t see it that way, and thus the complaint that ended up in court. Now, though, he has claimed he will be a candidate for UKIP if European Parliament elections are held.
Mark Meechan - anti-Semitic comments "just a joke"

The Scottish edition of the Murdoch Sun has claimedAnnouncing his candidacy, Meechan … urged his followers on social media to donate to UKIP's election fund. He said: ‘Since Brexit is being betrayed, there is an extreme likelihood we will be taking part in the May European Elections. I will be a candidate … UKIP are crowdfunding the costs for the campaign, if you can help in any way you can, please do.’” Grifting as well.

But although UKIP has not yet confirmed Meechan’s candidacy, it has put one Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, in its top two names for South West England. Benjamin achieved notoriety when he told Labour MP Jess Phillips “I wouldn’t even rape you, Jess Phillips”. He was subsequently banned by Twitter.
Carl Benjamin - paedophilia apology

It gets worse. The Murdoch Sunday Times revealed Benjamin had been using the N-word: “In a live stream recorded in February, Benjamin appeared to lose his temper at one viewer’s comment … ‘You are acting like a bunch of n******, just so you know. You act like white n******,’ he said. Benjamin insisted his comments had been taken out of context”.

And worse: Benjamin used slurs such asSpic”, “Chink”, “Retard”, and yes, the N-word once more, in another of his jolly clever videos. He stopped short of referring to Jews as “Kikes”. But UKIP likes to talk about “Cultural Marxism”, so if he’s standing under their banner, he’s already signed up to dabble in anti-Semitism.

Worse still was Benjamin’s disturbing behaviour over the age of consent. In response to a claim by The Justicar that he had indulged in sexual activity at the age of 11, he responded “Yeah, I think.. it depends on the child really, doesn't it.. it should really be a case by case basis”. This looked seriously bad. And it was not an isolated incident.
WarPlanPurple, “An official UKIP account on the front lines of the culture war” [and which is suspected to be Benjamin under an alias], has posted a link to “The Thinkery Podcast”, featuring Singaporean blogger Amos Yee. Who he? Well, “Yee truly believes that the age of consent should be abolished, and he remains genuinely perplexed on why believers of free speech aren’t taking his side”. And now Benjamin is a UKIP candidate.

But thus far there has been no attempt to include Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, on the candidates’ list. Small mercies, and all that.
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Arnold said...

With any luck UKIP and the Brexit Party will split the racist nutter vote.