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Monday 22 April 2019

Tommy Robinson IS A CANDIDATE In EU Elections

While UKIP leader Adolf von Batten finds himself the target of severely adverse comment following the selection of Carl Benjamin of “Rape Tweet Satire” fame, and Mark Meechan of training a dog to respond to the command “Gas The Jews” fame, for their European Parliament candidates’ list, one name has been absent from the Kipper fray thus far, and that is Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson.
Lennon’s problem is that, despite Batten’s best efforts, he is unable to become a member of UKIP because of his past association with the BNP and EDL. But he is clearly not downhearted, as the announcement that he is going to buy himself a campaigning bus proves. That campaigning bus is not about just any campaign, but the Euro campaign.

There had been straws in the wind for a few days now, but the most credible pointer came from Hope Not Hate telling yesterday “We’re hearing that convicted fraudster Stephen Lennon is firming up plans to stand in the North West region for the euro elections. Press conference expected later in the week”. And then The Great Man effectively confirmed it.

In a short video posted yesterday, he told “So what’re you doing Thursday, Thursday evening? Cos I’m having a massive barbecue … in Wythenshawe … is south Manchester, I believe … exact details to be finalised … but it’ll be on the estate of Wythenshawe. I want to show people … the campaign continues … show you my new toy. Some great local people have said that they’ll put on the biggest barbecue”.
So there he will be, somewhere in Wythenshawe, on Thursday at 2000 hours. He hasn’t said what the great event is, but Thursday is also the day when nominations close for the EU elections. Why the North West? He believes that he can score enough votes - he may need around 150,000 - to win as an independent candidate.

He’s chosen his location well. If you fly in and out of Manchester Airport, your journey will have been helped along by Wythenshawe residents. Bus drivers, baggage handlers, security guards, cleaners, check-in staff, even the local cabbies - most live in Wythenshawe, and most are from that white working class to which he wants to appeal.

However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, Lennon has problems headed his way. One, his contempt of court retrial heads back to court next month, and before the EU poll. Should be be set down for 12 months or more, it would render him ineligible, even were he to be elected. Two, the BBC Panorama special on his activities will broadcast soon - most likely before the EU poll. And Three, there is the PFJ problem.
There are already three parties vying for the far-right and anti-EU vote - UKIP, which he is supposed to be advising, Nigel “Thirsty” Farage’s Brexit Party, and Anne Marie Waters’ For Britain gang. The first two, at least, will field a list of candidates for the North West. None will take kindly to his coming in and splitting the vote. Batten’s reaction will be priceless.

But Lennon can frame being sent down, and whatever Panorama reveals, as attempts to curtail his FREEZE PEACH and stop his followers from learning THE TRUTH about all those bad things he claims to be unearthing. He can use it all to make himself look good.

Stephen Lennon so wants to be famous. But hopefully his fifteen minutes has passed.
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Arnold said...

"I want to show people … the campaign continues … show you my new toy.".
Even if he is able to buy a state of the art bus fitted out with display screens etc, the elections are a month away. There's no chance whatsoever of taking delivery, hiring a driver, etc by then.

Bill Jones said...

More left wing FAKE NEWS. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, if you are going to lie, the least you could of done was create an original and entertaining piece. It will soon be your turn to be censored when the marxist loons take over, and then you will realise the truth. As this is moderated, I expect the chance of it being added is very slim, but I will find out just how far deluded this blog is or if there is any hope at all.

Zuriblue said...

He did 18 months for the mortgage fraud so he’s already disqualified.

Tim Fenton said...


No, it has to be a sentence of more than a year, AND he would have to be serving it at the time of the election.

He is no longer serving that sentence, and so its length does not disqualify him.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, dude, have a rest

My Secret Buzz said...

Good for him. He's standing up for something he believes in and he will not back down. Who cares what extreme left group 'Hope to Hate' are tweeting? Does anyone trust the BBC anymore? Love Tommy Robinson, he'd certainly get my vote.

Marc said...

Unless it's for electoral fraud, in which case you get a 5-year ban.