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Thursday 11 April 2019

Tommy Robinson - Prague Pissup Plonker

The latest foreign jaunt by Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has been one of those campaigns which has developed not necessarily to his advantage. Lennon went to Prague in order to address a Children’s Rights Conference, but after severely adverse comment was passed on his intended presence, the event was called off. His “news” service TR Dot News was most put out.
The Czech Parliament has given in to external pressures and cancelled a Children’s Rights conference after it was revealed that Tommy Robinson was one of the guest speakers at the conference … shortly after arrival, members were informed that the entire event had been cancelled due to external pressure from the media”.

That, though, is not the full story of what happened to Lennon in Prague, as the Prague Pig Twitter feed revealed: “Tommy Robinson in Prague: Far-right British activist allegedly too drunk to attend press conference after drinking all night then vomiting and breaking table in his 100 euro/night hotel room”. Oh dear! So what happened?
It seems that The Great Man, finding his event cancelled, went off to find a convenient Rub-A-Dub, where he proceeded to become Elephant’s Trunk And Mozart. The consumption of alcoholic beverages went on through the night and he did not arrive back at his hotel until around 0700 hours the following morning. This much was bad enough, but he was billed as the main attraction at a 1000 hours press conference.

However, and here we encounter a significantly sized however, according to Parlamentny Listy, “Robinson had been [so] drunk the night before that he was unable to stand”. And “During his rampage he managed to vomit and destroy the hotel room”. Most unfortunate. And it gets worse. The media had turned up at the press conference.
So excuses had to be made. “The media, which arrived at the press conference at the [Czech Parliament], waited in vain for Robinson. The British activist [had] not arrived … Party chief, Jana Volfova, apologized [for] him for saying that his ‘health condition has worsened dramatically’ and ‘maybe it's an allergy’”. Tired and not unemotional.

Meanwhile, a source close to the lack of action let slip that “When he crawled into the hotel after seven in the morning, he hadn't had enough and drank his minibar in his room. Mixing of all kinds of alcohol … vomiting … he broke the table and a few other things … There was a friend or an assistant with Tommy, so after he drank [the contents of his minibar], he headed to his [assistant’s room] and drank his minibar”.

It was then alleged that Lennon had quickly checked out of his room and made a bee-line for the airport. Those attending the press conference were assured he was on his way, “but in the meantime he was still in the hotel or running to the airport”. According to the Parlamentny Listy report, “now he is on holiday with his family”. Another family holiday.

Another regrettable incident, another load of lame excuses that will come from Lennon’s pals and his faithful supporters. And another time that hoteliers in Krakow, Berlin, Riga, Tallinn, Budapest and Bratislava will give thanks that it didn’t happen there.
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Ferdy Fox said...

So being pissed is an allergy - who knew?

Anonymous said...

If you'd read the czech news on the Thursday Tommy arrived in Prague, the conference was already cancelled upon Tommy's arrival. This was mentioned in several Czech news online. His Snapchats the same evening was with Milan out for a meal and they were going through the news together to find out conference on the day after, Friday, was cancelled. All this was on Snapchat before he was banned from SC. SO there was no conference for Tommy to turn up to on that Friday. And ok, he might have ended up partying all night, as he wasn't gonna hold a speach the day after as first planned . But since part of this is not true, how can you know the rest of the story is true? http://www.pragueconnect.cz/en/s462/PragueConnect-cz/c1733-News/n652093-British-far-right-activist-Tommy-Robinson-not-to-appear-in-Czech-parliament