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Wednesday 17 April 2019

Farage The Brexit Fraud Keeps On Lying

With the possibility of elections to the European Parliament now more or less certain, our free and fearless press, aided and abetted by a broadcast media that should know better but can’t bring itself to kick the habit, has been once more relentlessly promoting the one-man electoral fraud that is Nigel “Thirsty” Farage. As s result of their promotion of his simple yet dishonest message, his Brexit Party has surged in the opinion polls.
Squeaky keep on lying finger up the bum time

Farage has celebrated this Great Leap Forward by, as usual, lying, this time about the thought that the 2016 EU referendum might be annulled because of the illegal activities of the two main Leave campaigns, one of which he was involved with. “Can you imagine if an African country held an election and the result was annulled? Left wingers would be up in arms and so would the West. We would be demanding that the United Nations were sent in. What is the difference here?” he frothed.
When was the UN last “sent in” after a disputed election in Africa, or indeed anywhere? Worse, there has been a recent example of an African election being annulled, and the circumstances suggest that Mr Thirsty should have chosen his words more carefully. Even Louise Mensch didn’t believe him, responding “The difference is that you cheated in this vote, and so it wasn’t fair in the first place”. And she’s a Brexiteer.
As Mark Alexander pointed out, “That's exactly what happened when Kenya found out Cambridge Analytica had corrupted their election”. Cambridge Analytica. That’s a most interesting name to pitch. It was the intervention they boasted to Channel 4 News about.
The BBC reported at the timeKenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta has branded judges in the country's Supreme Court ‘crooks’ after they annulled his win in presidential elections. He earlier called for calm and said he would respect the ruling but struck a more combative note at a Nairobi rally. The court cited irregularities in last month's election and ordered a new one within 60 days.” No UN intervention. And there is more.
Even SHE says the result was fiddled

While Farage and his pals have cosied up to Combover Crybaby Donald Trump, and told anyone who will listen that the UK will get a quick trade deal from the USA, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi has poured cold water on the idea - which Farage likes to couple with the idea of a “No Deal” Brexit.
As Devid Lammy has pointed out, “An important message to Brexiteers from Nancy Pelosi: ‘A US-UK trade agreement (is) just not on the cards if there is any harm done to the Good Friday accords. Don't even think about it.’” Ripping the UK out of the EU without a deal would inevitably be in contravention of the Good Friday Agreement.
So once again Farage is being dishonest, and in the year when Portugal holds elections to its Parliament - the last time that happened, you guessed it, Mr Thirsty used the occasion to invent a totally untrue claim that the EU had interfered in those elections. They had not. It didn’t stop the fraud ranting on about the “Brezhnev Doctrine” in the European Parliament. And, of course, the press and broadcasters hung on his every word.

Now he’s at it again, and has been caught lying again. Yet that media establishment keeps on sucking up to him. Why? You might wish to ask that - I couldn’t possibly comment.
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Sheffield Mole said...

"You might wish to ask that - I couldn’t possibly comment."

Well, I do wish to ask that, and I do want you to comment.

Anonymous said...

@1. Why? I woke up to the MSM's drive to give the likes of Farage a platform some time ago - and I'm a bit thick.