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Friday 19 April 2019

Carl Benjamin - UKIP Downfall Begins

When the press pack finds a weak spot in your defence, they are not slow in exposing it, and this realisation may not yet have hit home with UKIP leader Adolf von Batten, but it is screamingly obvious to those looking on as his new protégé Carl Benjamin, who styles himself Sargon of Akkad, falls apart before the media glare.
This photo has a message, and the message is CREEP

Benjamin, an unappealing creep of no known adequacy, had Tweeted “I wouldn’t even rape you” at Labour MP Jess Phillips. This the press pack knew, and questioned Batten extensively on the matter. As a result, instead of the bonhomie that might have been deployed by his predecessor Nigel “Thirsty” Farage, who is now his opponent, Batten became irritable and tetchy. He walked out of one interview.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

The dénouement came as Sky News’ Kate McCann confronted the head Kipper and his apprentice, telling the press conference audienceMr Batten suggested earlier that if I would like to hold his candidate to account, I should turn up at your press conference and ask the question. So I would like to ask Carl Benjamin why you think it is acceptable to say, on Twitter, that you wouldn’t even rape a female Labour MP”.
Question duly put. So what did The Great Man have to say for himself? “Because I don’t think women are any different to men in the way you should treat them. Unlike the establishment, unlike our judges, who literally say ‘If you were a man I would send you to jail’, I think you should treat women the same as men”. Really? Do go on.

And that means if a woman is being a giant bitch and laughing at male suicide [Ms Phillips was not laughing at male suicide, and is now consulting lawyers], I’m going to be a giant dick back to her. Any questions?” Ms McCann had a question. “So it’s acceptable?
YES” snapped back Benjamin. “It’s acceptable to joke …?” she asked again. “One hundred per cent. Deal with it” was the reply, to applause from diehard Kippers, to the sound of female voters across South West England, where Benjamin is second on the UKIP list, deciding to put their crosses somewhere else.
So far, so dreadful, but this is only the beginning. Two more media attack line follow from this exhibition of idiocy. One, Benjamin was standing next to Mark Meechan, who styles himself Count Dankula. Meechan was convicted of a hate crime after he posted a video of him getting his partner’s dog to respond to the command “Gas the Jews”. Meechan thought that was a mere joke. Wait till the press pack starts on him.
Hello press pack - here's your next idiot

And Two, the “Rape Tweet” is the very least of Carl Benjamin’s lapses. Ms McCann and her fellow journalists have yet to explore his 9/11 Truther musings, including his conviction that two aircraft could not have brought down the World Trade Centre towers. They haven’t yet picked up on his apparent excusing of paedophilia, especially over the age of consent.
They are yet to discover his enjoyment in dispensing the N-Word, using terms like “Chink”, “Spic”, and “Retard” to describe others, and his exploration of the anti-Semitic trope “Cultural Marxism”. What happened yesterday is only the beginning of the downfall.

Batten’s campaign to drive away voters has made an excellent start.
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Anonymous said...

Jess Phillips sat and snorted like a pre pubescent schoolgirl at mens rights including the high rate of suicide


You tube link included, I would suggest her lawyers may struggle to make a case for that

Future liccer said...

How is suicide a man's right?

Also sticking up for this nonce is really not a good look, especially for a Party with Tommy Robinson the great peado hater as an advisor.

Anonymous said...

Future Liccer

Dont put words in my mouth, I didn't stick up for anybody, I just pointed out that the article was in my opinion incorrect,

I abhor UKIP and Farage and every other right wing arsehole who encourages racism against immigrants, but to be honest I abhor Jess Phillips almost as much and I dont see why her Contempt for anything male should be defended either.

If I spoke about Women in the way that Jess Phillips talks about men I would rightly be labelled a Misogynist, she should not get a free pass for her misandrist attitude amymore than UKIP should get one for their racism

Incidentally while we are on the subject of Jess Phillips, its worth noting that she owes her seat in parliament to an all woman shortlist, a form of positive prejudice, so for her to complain about Men is to say the least hypocritical

Alan said...

Sorry, but I don't understand the bit about "paedophilia over the age of consent". Paedophilia is sexual attraction to pre-pubescent kids, while age of consent is 16, well above normal onset of puberty. OK, I know journos use the word loosely (e.g in the recent case of a footballer and a girl who was just short of the age of consent), but what you've written here leaves me nonplussed.

rjb said...

I really can't quite tell if this blog is satire or not. I _think_ it's like a Titania McGrath or a The Onion, but I'm not 100%. If it is, it's brilliant. Good work.

Guy said...

@John Smith: men have a higher rate of *successful* suicide, the rate of attempts is the same for men and women. Men use more violent means, so are more likely to succeed. “Men’s rights” can be summed up in two words: status quo. When you are accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression, something the “men’s rights” types lack the self-awareness to understand.

Anonymous said...


Men die younger, 95% of deaths in the workplace are men, there are all sorts of ways that men get poorer results than women.

Men are not given the same levels of support from society at there lowest ebb.

But again I reiterate, Jess Phillips is a misandrist and I am unhappy about that, this is not about feminism this is about a woman with privilege who uses her position to attack men as a single entity as if we are all the same.

Men are lots of different things from awful all the way to angelic,gay,straight, transgender, black white and inbetween, angry,scared, poor and rich and all stations inbetween.

Jess Phillips attitude to men is wrong and she should be called out on it.