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Saturday 13 April 2019

Brexit Party - Hypocrisy On Parade

Never was the phrase “meet the new boss, same as the old boss” more aptly deployed as when Nigel “Thirsty” Farage launched his allegedly new Brexit Party yesterday. And nor was the word hypocrisy more readily to hand: this group claims it will stand against career politicians and the political establishment. The problem is, the Brexit Party is chock full of career politicians and the political establishment.
I said that if I ever did come back into the political fray, next time it would be no more Mr Nice Guy, and I mean it. I am angry about what has happened. I said many years ago I wanted to cause an earthquake in British politics. Now what I am fighting for, and with your support what we will attempt to achieve, is a democratic revolution in British politics” blustered Mr Thirsty. He wants democracy. Providing it gives him the result he wants.

But this is so much tired tosh. Look, for a moment, at the kinds of “Outsiders” (ho ho ho) flocking to Nige’s standard. Let’s start with the man himself. Nigel Farage, claiming to be an anti-politician, but who has been a career politician for decades. He’s been an MEP for 20 years. And he’s a Euro-expenses cheat. A congenital liar. A spiv. A charlatan. A bigot. With one of the worst attendance and voting records in the European Parliament.
Squeaky same old boss finger up the bum time

Who else is there? Ah look, Annunziata Rees Mogg! High TIRRIBLY ordinary that sounds! Sadly, Annunziata couldn’t go to Eton, as they only allow Cheps in there. Mere Gels don’t feature. So she had to go to Godolphin and Latymer, a Sloane factory if ever there was one. As well as being part of the establishment, she’s a career politician, albeit so far a failed one. Who else wants to join Nige and Nancy?

Well, there’s Bill “Viagra Golliwog” Etheridge, who just happens to already be an MEP. Another career politician. Except he found the new-look UKIP of Adolf von Batten too extreme. So now he’s joined Nige in the hope of staying on the gravy train.
The party of moderation, free from the taint of racism. Maybe

Oh hang on, look who’s also turned up. “I had the privilege of meeting Annunziata several times many years ago. I was impressed then. And I’m delighted to see her now standing for The Brexit Party. Well done that lady”. Who is this grovelling gammon? Yes, it’s Roger “sleeping bigot” Helmer. Just 18 years as an MEP. Another career politician.

And the chair of this new party? Perma-tan and perma-smile artiste Richard Tice, another establishment multi-millionaire who won’t be affected by Britain leaving the EU. Also, as the Guardian has observed, “Tice was a co-chair of Leave EU, which was fined £60,000 by the Electoral Commission in February for campaign violations in conjunction with Arron Banks’s firm Eldon Insurance”. Same taint of spivvery as before.
Then to round it all off, the Guardian has made a predictable discovery about another of those Brexit Party candidates. “[June] Mummery, has re-tweeted a message from a far-right account on Twitter. Her timeline showed that last week Mummery forwarded a message about the EU from an account called Active Patriot UK … The account strongly backs the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson”. Same old bigotry.

And they’re going to put the fear of God into the political establishment. Which they can do very easily - by looking in the mirror. What a complete and absolute shower.
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When was Farage Mr Nìce Guy? I seem to have missed it.