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Monday 1 April 2019

Bonking Bob’s Big Brexit Blunder

Bob Stewart, formerly a Colonel in the British Army and United Nations commander in Bosnia, and Tory MP for Beckenham since 2010, is no stranger to controversy, not least because it was he who described Spectator assistant editor Isabel Hardman as “the totty”. The infamous spreadsheet detailing the behavioural peccadillos of some Tory MP said of him “Permanently intoxicated and very inappropriate with women”.
Are they open yet? Rather like that new barmaid, y'know ... I say, you're not recording this, are you? Oh FUCK, not again

So the nickname should come as no surprise. Nor should Stewart’s inability to engage brain before committing his thoughts to pixel, as he has been doing recently on Facebook, perhaps not realising that he’s doing it on a publicly viewable page.

He told his readersMrs May put her deal to the House of Commons, once, twice and now three times. It was defeated three times. I voted against it on the first two occasions but on the third reluctantly agreed to vote for it because there seemed to be no other plan on the table and no-deal was not an option (voted against too).” There was more.
Mrs May’s deal would at least start the process of leaving and we would be launched on BREXIT, all be it imperfectly … On the other hand, if Mrs May’s deal did not succeed we could argue backwards and forwards for months, even years, about leaving the European Union. The Public, already angry about Parliament not solving this matter, would be furious. Many in Parliament would use this procrastination to get what they want - remaining in the European Union”. Otherwise called not wanting to screw the economy.

So what does he reckon is happening?”To be perfectly honest I am not quite sure where we are going from here. It is certainly unknown political territory. There is more than a chance that in the political maelstrom those in Parliament that want us to remain in the European Union will succeed … Remaining in the European Union may suit many people of course, including in Beckenham. But equally there are many in Beckenham who are demanding we leave immediately”. Burke isn’t getting a look-in here.
Then he loses it. After one respondent chides him “Mrs May’s Withdrawal Treaty is not Brexit. It is a new EU treaty. It definitely is not honouring the result of the 2016 referendum”, comes the off-the-cuff remark he may come to regret as much as demeaning Ms Hardman. “Actually we can overturn it with sovereignty returned to us”.

There you have it: Tory MP Bonking Bob says the Withdrawal Agreement can be just overturned. Some of his respondents were, to put it mildly, cynical, one musing “Let's publicly signpost we intend to scam Johnny Foreigner, because that'll build trust for the hundreds of international trade deals we need to sign over the next few years”.
Another put it to him directly. “Sorry, Mr Stewart, but are you saying the UK should sign an international treaty and then renege on it?” While one has to wonder how Stewart got and retained his seat in Parliament, one person emerges from this with credibility enhanced.

And that is the person who made the now immortal comment preserved forever on That Spreadsheet. He did the “very inappropriate with women” part earlier. Now he looks for all the world to have done the “Permanently intoxicated” part too. What a trooper.
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Anonymous said...

The mere notion of that idiot On The Job is enough to have you in paroxysms of mirth. But we shouldn't concern ourselves with A Little Thing like that. He's so fat he probably rocks himself to sleep on the vinegar strokes.