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Saturday 20 April 2019

Don’t Menshn Rachael Cousins

To most observers, Rachael Cousins was a Labour-supporting housewife from Swindon who had a disability. But, to one inhabitant of the reassuringly expensive part of Manhattan, it was about much more than an active Twitter feed and pro-Corbyn activism. Yes, (thankfully) former Tory MP Louise Mensch had made a startling discovery, so startling that not even Ms Cousins herself was aware of it.
Cooooeee! It's me Me MEEEE!!

Because what no-one else realised (because no-one else was as batshit as Ms Mensch) was that something sinister was afoot, and indeed twelve inches, as a rule. Yes, that left foot had a secret, as the failed Murdoch website boss revealed last month when one Tweeter showed concern at Ms Cousins’ Twitter suspension. “Can I assure you that I do not neglect it. She is a troll in DM groups with Russian intelligence”.
Not so fast, Agent Smersh from Swindon! Universal Exports is on your tail! And in the past 24 hours has come more Z-grade intelligence, or the lack of it. After Ms Cousins had posted a video from RT - as this was an actual uncut video segment, probably not in the dodgy category - showing significant misbehaviour by the IDF directed against Palestinians in the occupied territories - Ms Mensch returned to the fray.
How about you stop posting Russia Today propaganda from the killers of Dawn Sturgess?” Two things here. One, it was an uncut video, so unlike some RT content, it cannot be called propaganda. And two, it doesn’t help the Mensch credibility when talk of propaganda is backed up by a link to the Daily Mail.
But this was a mere hors d’oeuvre for a much more substantial entrée, as Ms Mensch, who once Tweeted “Wibble, wibble, I’m a hatstand” went, well, full wibbling hatstand. “@gchq her 24/7 Facebook DM group is sending her Russian propaganda to post again. Any chance of doing something about it? @uklabour deserves better than this, no? Cc @DamianCollins @IanCLucas @commonscms @sajidjavid @wesstreeting”.
Where do we start with that? I say, GCHQ chaps and chapesses, pay attention - we have enemy action hyah just down the road in Swindon. Better fire orf a missile, or perhaps a Fiesta from the car pool. But enough - this is total crap. And what Labour MPs Ian Lucas and Wes Streeting, or Tory MP Damian Collins, have to do with it is anyone’s guess.
All that Ms Cousins did was to Tweet out a video clip. That was all. There is no Facebook DM group with Russian intelligence. No enemy agents are involved. But this is all too predictable from someone who accused Peter Jukes of Byline Media of being a Russian asset, and, worse, of being a “BFF” of mercenary hack Isabel Oakeshott. Wrong.
She also claimed that the Putin régime had had Andrew Breitbart assassinated, the suggestion being that this was to turn the Breitbart organisation towards Russia. This was also complete drivel (Breitbart died from a massive heart attack in 2012, which wasn’t his first). She claimed Russia was behind Cambridge Analytica. Wibble. Hatstand.

As Rachael Cousins has said, “The fact you think a disabled housewife from Wiltshire is actually in a FB group with the Kremlin is actually one of the highlights of my time on Twitter”. Louise Mensch may not be irreversibly paranoid. But you can see it from there.
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Unknown said...

To be fair, an uncut video can be propaganda if it's used for propaganda purposes. But anyway. As for Mensch I used to think that came up with this rubbish just for attention but it slowly dawned on me that she really is just f---king mental.