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Wednesday 17 April 2019

UKIP’s New Racist Friends

After UKIP’s new leader Adolf von Batten secured himself an interview with the host on The Andy Marr Show™ last weekend, and in doing so precipitated the resignation of three female MEPs by excusing Carl Benjamin’s infamous Jess Phillips “rape Tweet” as “Satire”. questions have begun to be asked about who else the new-look Kippers may be cosying up to. And one very obvious connection has so far been overlooked.
I em not a racialist but, und zis is a big but ...

Not any more. As The Conversation told recently, “Batten’s party is also positioning itself within the fold of the extreme right. At the ‘Brexit Betrayal’ march, UKIP flags flew alongside those of Generation Identity - a pan-European movement that  seeks to protect the ‘indigenous population’ by preserving ‘the cultural heritage that has characterised our countries’”. It’s all about US WHITES versus THEM OTHERS.
Claims the Great Replacement isn't racist ...
... not sure his pal agrees with that

There was more. “While Generation Identity has struggled to make much of an impact in the UK, it would now appear that Batten is happy for UKIP to rub shoulders with the burgeoning movement. In its battle to remain relevant, it seems UKIP is attempting to harness far right ethno-nationalist identity politics - something of a growth area”.
Also, Batten’s new sidekick Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has been actively peddling Generation Identity’s USP - the “Great Replacement” conspiracy theory. Lennon has been very touchy when it is pointed out to him that this is an explicitly racist idea. But you can’t have a non-racist version of it.
Moreover, Lennon defended former GI UK co-leader Tom Dupré as part of his Panodrama video. So what is GI in the UK promoting right now? As if you need to ask: current UK leader Benjamin Jones posts an AfD billboard and observes “'So that Europe does not become Eurabia.' - Alternative for Germany, the largest opposition party. Let's hope that @UKIP learns from populists in Europe”. He wants UKIP to be like the AfD.
And his group pushes out propaganda like “Denial of the Great Replacement is strong in places like #Birmingham, yet White British people will become a minority in the city by 2020. We as a country have to face the truth, the English are dying out … #Scotland won't be Scottish forever if we adopt the failed policies that are leading England to demographic ruin. Newspapers from across the UK have reported on the Great Replacement, yet even now people continue to deny it”. Ethno-nationalism. US versus THEM. There is more.
People call the Great Replacement a conspiracy, but the nation's newspapers have been reporting on the demographic decline of the UK for years. In places like #Manchester, the English are dying out, and the only thing that is expected of us is our silence and complacency … #London is now less than 50% White British. Had you told someone that 100 years ago, they wouldn't believe you … papers report on it as though it means nothing … not healthy for the native population to be a minority in their own capital”.
Racist scaremongering. From the group that helped the homeless by offering themwarm pork suppers”. Islamophobes. Anti-Semites. White supremacists. And now bringing their influence to bear on the new street-power UKIP. While ignoring, for instance, that there have been black and brown Britons for hundreds of years.

A vote for UKIP is a vote for forthright racism. I’ll just leave that one there.
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