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Tuesday 26 February 2019

Why Facebook Banned Tommy Robinson

Before Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, finally published his attack on the BBC which he has creatively titled PanoDrama, he was warned - and very specifically - about one part of his supposed evidence against the Corporation. That warning came publicly from Nick Lowles of Hope Not Hate, an organisation which the paranoid Lennon has decided is out to get him. Here’s what Lowles warned him.
I thought it would be important to clarify my earlier tweet that Caolan Robertson has retracted the allegation he made against @hopenothate. What I should have said is that he has retracted the allegation in 13 separate messages and a phone call … Several of these retractions occurred BEFORE he spoke to Lennon on the phone, the recording of which was included in his idiotic and conspiratorial documentary”. There was more.
Lennon was told by Caolan, @hopenothate and the BBC that the allegation was not true, and yet he still ran the allegation. Bad, bad move”. And why would it be such a bad move? Ah well. “We warned him that we would sue before the programme. He not only ignored that warning but did not even carry our denial in his nonsense programme”. Lennon has been given due notice that publishing the allegation means HnH will sue.
So let’s look at Lennon’s documentary, and see what happened when he sat down with the BBC’s John Sweeney to supposedly record an interview for Panorama. “Are you aware of any threats or blackmail that have been made to any of my ex-employees to give negative information about me to you?” he asked Sweeney, who was initially taken aback - not really a surprise, as that’s not a BBC thing - but then gave Lennon a flat “No”.
So then Lennon tells Sweeney “Can you just listen to this for one minute?” and plays the recording that may be about to land him in serious trouble. Serious enough that Zelo Street will not be detailing them here, save to say that Caolan Robertson, the viciously unpleasant and serially dishonest occasional side-kick to Lennon and others, made a series of claims against HnH and the BBC, suggesting he had been blackmailed.
Lennon then presents a recording of a conversation he had with Lauren Southern, who worked with Robertson on her own documentary, which attempts to advance the “white genocide” theory about farm murders in South Africa. She also claims that HnH were blackmailing Robertson and his partner George Llewelyn John.
Both Robertson and Ms Southern claimed that HnH had suggested that if the former did not cooperate with them, he would find himself arrested. Lennon then asked Sweeney “Are you aware of indecent images being sent by someone at Hope Not Hate to Caolan Robertson?” Then came Robertson claiming he had been the victim of “A sexual assault situation towards me”. The name of the alleged assailant was bleeped out.
But it is not hard to deduce who is being accused. And just to be on the safe side, someone inserts the word Rape into the conversation. No more details, as HnH may already have instructed lawyers. And Lennon has now published those allegations.

So it’s little wonder that Facebook just kicked him off their platform. You read that right: Stephen Lennon has been kicked off Facebook. And the lawyers are circling. He sowed the wind, and reaped the whirlwind. Just rejoice at that news.
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