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Friday 1 February 2019

What’s Eating Mike Gapes?

Long-serving Labour MP Mike Gapes was on his feet in the Commons this week, doing what he does best - slagging off his own party leadership. The representative for Ilford South therefore attracted a significant amount of adverse comment from many Labour supporters, particularly those on the left of the party.
Mike Gapes ... unhappy ...
... because of who is asking the questions

After taking to Twitter to tell “Pleased to see that I’ve annoyed the Trots Stalinists and Antisemites on this thread. Truth hurts doesn’t it? And as regards the deselection threats bring it on!” he also attracted the attention of someone whose intervention has clearly caused him more than a little discomfort: step forward former Madam Natalie Rowe, who taught George Osborne all he knows about proper strict fiscal discipline.
Ms Rowe was not impressed with Gapes the Gammon. “You desperate lying Humpty Dumpty .. Labour voters won’t be buying into your shite! There was a Labour MP that a sex Worker friend of mine used to see, he liked to dress up in ladies under wear and trot around... any idea @MikeGapes as to who that might be?” Subtle? Fuck that.
After following that with “Calm Down you Brazen Hussy. @MikeGapes ... just saying”, Steve Scott asked “Perhaps @MikeGapes should come on to Twitter and scotch these scurrilous rumours. He's usually terribly keen to give us his opinion”. Ms Rowe clearly thought this a good idea. “Waiting MIKE”. But Mike wasn’t going to turn up.
Ms Rowe decided to send him a gentle reminder, well, gentle for her anyway. “Hey @MikeGapes any comment. You’re Constituency that voted your Humpty Dumpty Arse in as their Politician deserves a denial .... if it wasn’t you trotting around in ladies underwear & make up ( I don’t judge) just say ‘it wasn’t me’”. Fair comment, though.
Meanwhile, Alec Moss tried to inject a little gravitas into proceedings, telling “To be honest, I don’t think paying a sex worker to help indulge some fringe interests involving ladies underwear is actually wrong... it’s just a bit out there. I’m far more disgusted with his portrayal of the wider labour membership than whatever gets him off”. But he failed.
Because Gapes had indeed got the message: the normally voluble and combative MP ran off and hid behind the Block button. Ms Rowe mocked him a little more: “WELL FAN ME DOWN WITH A FEATHER DUSTER! You can run but you can’t hide Mikey Boy … And all I wanted to do was to confirm his knicker size”. Well, of course she did.
In any case, she has already moved on, suggesting a cross-party dimension to the exposures that may follow. After Steven Swinford of the Telegraph had told his followers “In emails sent on Mon and Tues [Oliver] Robbins is said to have questioned practicality of Malthouse compromise drawn up by Eurosceptics & Remainers  … Jacob Rees-Mogg responds: 'It is the job of officials to implement policy, not to obstruct, and any civil servant is bound to respect this’” she took aim at the Moggster.

Moggy you’ve been a VERY naughty boy ! I have many friends in the City of London ... I’ll be back. You’re a total opportunist hypocrite”. Doesn’t pay to be a very naughty boy when Ms Rowe gets to find out. What will the voters of North East Somerset be thinking?
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