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Thursday 21 February 2019

Chris Leslie - You’re A Tightwad

While the so-called Independent Group of Labour MPs, now with added Tories just to put them in one of those Very Difficult Positions having to share those platforms with people who have been steadfast supporters of austerity, are trying to figure out one end of their policy platform from the other, it seems the break with Labour was, in one case, not quite as clean as they might have liked.
Chris Leslie, another semi-detached MP who was on the fringes of the Labour Party, and who had lost a vote of no confidence in him brought by his own local party, did not, it seems, cancel his Labour membership quite as rapidly as he might have liked.

A Zelo Street source who, like that which imparted the news about Ian Austin last night - Austin has told his local paper that he is “considering his position”, which is total crap, as he’s already made his move - must remain confidential, tells me that Leslie has had his February subscriptions to Labour taken from his bank account.

And, so what? Bad timing, stuff happens, he’s on £70,000 plus expenses and it should be no big deal, film at 11. But, I’m informed, Leslie is not a happy bunny, and has written to the Party requesting a refund of his subscription for February.
So, one might think, there must be a substantial amount of money involved. After all, sending off that letter would come out at several quid. OK then, how much is Chris Leslie asking to have refunded by the Labour Party to his account?

You’ll love this. The amount he’s arguing over, I am reliably informed, is just £1.30. You read that right. ONE POUND THIRTY PEE. Not even enough for a single bus journey in London, not that the likes of Leslie would be seen doing something so common.

And to do that, a lot more money will be sprayed up the wall. Priorities, priorities, eh?
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Sam Best said...

Every penny counts these days. Perhaps they can send it to that Panamanian bank account.

Anonymous said...

I'd give him his wretched £1.30.

Then bill him £1.50 as a service fee.

Just to make his eyes water.

The traitorous meff.

Unknown said...

That after an 11% pay rise, Words fail me

Chris Rogers said...

I trust he has better luck than myself. When McNicol was gerrymandering the vote in favour of Owen Smith in 2016 the bugger had me auto-excluded from the Party on the flimsy charge of RTing a Green Party Tweet - I am after all a eco-Socialist and take our environment seriously. Alas, I digress, the fact is, McNicol kept my full year subscription and ensured I had no recourse of redress. Obviously, I could have launched legal proceedings, but unlike Chris Leslie, I'm not total scum, so just wrote the money off as going to a good cause.

Unknown said...

"...sending off that letter would come out at several quid" Or 67p and about 10p for the envelope. That's if he didn't request it via email - which he probably did.

Anonymous said...

@Christopher Rogers, that's appalling! All because you retweeted a Green Party tweet? It's even more irritating because I know one senior parliamentary assistant who spent much of that same year repeatedly tweeting anti-Corbyn guff and he's still living the life of riley in the Westminster bubble

Anonymous said...


This is worth reading .

Mark said...

Disgusting comment about Baroness Chakrabati from this eminently slappable MP on Question Time last night.