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Tuesday 19 February 2019

Tommy Robinson Says Racist Attack ISN’T

Still indulging in a little low level paranoia, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has made another of his increasingly clumsy interventions, this time in the case of a nailed-on racist attack, which resulted in nailed-on racist graffiti being painted on the door of a father and son who had only days earlier moved into the property.
As the Guardian has reported, “Politicians in Salford have said more needs to be done to drive racism from communities after a graffiti attack on the home of a 10-year-old boy and his father - and before a rally by the anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson is due to take place in the city”. That linking of Lennon and the attack may have triggered his response.

There was more. “In a joint statement, the Salford and Eccles Labour MP, Rebecca Long-Bailey, and Salford’s mayor, Paul Dennett, condemned the ‘sickening’ racist message ‘no blacks’ sprayed on the front door of Jackson Yamba and his son, David, just days after they moved in this month”. Dennett and Ms Long Bailey had more to say.
Doesn't look all that 'faked', does it?

In recent demonstrations held by ‘Tommy Robinson’, former members of the National Front, Combat 18, and other fascist groups have attended and have attacked anti-racist protesters whilst shouting anti-Muslim and antisemitic chants. Robinson has also aligned himself with the mainstream right, since being hired as an adviser to Ukip under Gerard Batten’s leadership. A move which ‘appalled’ even Nigel Farage”.

And they had this to say in conclusion. “We have a rich and diverse community here in Salford. We oppose antisemitism, Islamophobia and all forms of racism. These attacks and rallies have no place in Salford and we will fight to drive hate and racism from our communities here in Salford, and across the UK”. As to Lennon’s planned visit, well.
We oppose the planned visit by ‘Tommy Robinson’ real name Stephen Yaxley Lennon on Saturday 23rd February to protest outside the BBC Studios in Salford”. All of that mean that The Great Man had to respond, and do so in characteristic style.

This entire statement is complete lies. Was this another hoax hate crime perfectly timed in Salford where we are due to demo. The majority of these high profile media focused ‘hate’ crimes turn out to be fake”. The paranoia is strong with this one.
The attack on Jackson Yamba’s home has been well-documented and there is no reason to doubt that it happened. The explicitly racist graffiti was there for all to see. The incidence of hate crime is rising year-on-year. And it gets traced back to the likes of Lennon and his supporters; thus his constant attempts to claim it’s not happening.

But it is happening. It’s not set-up, it’s not a fake, and media outlets are entitled to make the link between it and Lennon’s planned visit to the area to promote Himself Personally Now. One has to wonder what it driving the paranoia. Or maybe not.
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Anonymous said...

Do we have an equivalent of Landsberg Prison where "Tommy" could go to write his "memoir"?

He could even call it My Struggle..........