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Wednesday 27 February 2019

Tommy Robinson - Begging Bowl Back Out

He’s been banned from Facebook and Instagram, but Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, did not appear downhearted when he brought his adoring followers a new rant via YouTube - telling them what he was going to do next. Put simply, he was going to beg for more money, while jetting off to two jollies on mainland Europe.
That many of those followers have difficulty connecting the two is very much their problem. But here’s some of what Lennon had to tell his flock, after the usual paranoid drivel claiming that THEY (including social media providers, the Government, the BBC, the Establishment, and no doubt Scary Muslims™) are all out to get HIM.

I’m currently in talks with others who have been censored, and looking at the possibility of a mass march against the big tech giants. That’s what we’re currently looking at … I need to build my own platform … I need to build my own app”. Then comes the real delusional stuff. “The biggest political platform in Britain was my Facebook page. The most engaged, above Theresa May, above Jeremy Corbyn”. And there was more.

Today, Amazon removed my book Mohammed’s Koran, Why Muslims Kill For Islam. They are literally burning books”. Yes, he actually said that. He also said “You can go on Amazon and you can buy Mein Kampf”. And a lot more. Also, he appeals more than once to Combover Crybaby Donald Trump. Then he tells that PanoDrama, his attack on the BBC, has been viewed 500,000 times. How many of those are by lawyers is not told.

And so, after yet more paranoid howling about how THEY are all out to get HIM, we get to the business pitch. “I need your help”. Why might that be? “I’m currently in discussion with lawyers. These are all options - looking at taking Facebook to court. They’re lies, they’re telling lies, complete lies”. Begging bowl out to fund another pointless legal action.
The nuance of the Lennon business proposition explained

After calling “liar” on others, he then claims “Anyone knows I’ve not incited any violence against Muslims”. And don’t forget, “I’m in talks with people from different countries about holding a massive anti-censorship demonstration in London, probably outside Facebook’s offices, but we’re in talks. But we need it not to be about Tommy Robinson being censored, but about everyone who is being censored”. Like he does to his opponents, then.

Finally, we see what all those donations mean. “Anyone in Helsinki - I’m landing in Finland, I’m coming tomorrow … I’ll be in Helsinki, coming this weekend … and then, actually … then we’re going for a free speech rally as well, that’s going to be in Antwerp”. And he won’t be slumming it at a bargain basement B&B, either.

It’s not about free speech. He has the freedom of speech. No-one has proscribed it; nor will they. He can say what he likes. Likewise, those who provide and manage social media platforms can admit who they like, and then kick off who they like.

No, Stephen Lennon is not about freedom of speech. He is about continuing to peddle his paranoid conspiracy theories, frightening his followers about Scary Muslims™, and claiming there is an establishment plot to see him off. While someone else pays. Look at that house, the personal plate on his motor, the bling watch. Which mug paid for those?

He’s just another con artist - using other peoples’ money to live the life of Riley.
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Anonymous said...

Anyone who gives money to that piece of slithering low life deserves to be ordered to clean up his slime trail with their bare hands.

The moron has the "personality" of an East End hoodlum barrow boy on cocaine. A shyster with a bad greasy haircut.

J said...

I wonder. When we leave the EU it means the individual countries will have more control over their borders and who enters them from the UK (freedom of movement can be curtailed within the EU, but the standard is higher than for "third countries" which is what we will then be). Will Stephen Yaxley-Lennon then be banned from entering EU countries as an undesirable in the same way that Australia has done? Would be funny if he was no longer allowed to holiday over there or meet up with his fascist far right mates.

J said...

Also didn't he threaten to march against twitter ages ago? Did that ever happen? He really likes marching, or the threat of one. I seem to recall another guy used to love marching, and uniforms... wonder what happened to him... oh!

Unknown said...

"They are literally burning books"

A very good point, well apart from the fact that they're not burning books.

"Literally" doesn't mean what he thinks it means. It seems he has a problem with basic English. And as for the book itself..how useless do you have to be when you can't even find a competent ghost writer?