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Tuesday 12 February 2019

Tommy Robinson - Who’s Lying Now?

Back to full volume after a spell away from the limelight which he courts at any and every opportunity, Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, has provided his adoring followers with a series of updates, one of which is to make what looks like a threat against another of those real journalists whose work he finds so inconvenient.
Here’s what he had to say: “When Darren Osborne’s court case started, the opening of his court case, within the first couple of hours, newspapers started printing around the world that Tommy Robinson had sent direct Twitter messages to Darren Osborne. Now, I just received this week the transcripts from the opening of that court case”. Do go on.

And guess what - cos I wasn’t sure whether I needed to sue the CPS, or sue the media. I wasn’t sure if it was a journalist or the prosecutor for the Government who lied and said that I had sent direct Twitter messages to Darren Osborne. Well, now I’ve got the transcripts I can see that it wasn’t said. Those words were never said in court”.
There was more. “But guess what? Lizzie Dearden, the journalist who writes such negative stories about me every single week, lied, cos I’ve got it in black and white, cos I’ve got the court transcripts. Her report, online, said ‘Tommy Robinson sent direct Twitter messages’. Those words were never said in court. Lizzie Dearden, you are a liar, you are Fake News”.

And then we got to the threatening part. “I’m going to expose you, just like I’ve exposed Sky News, just like I’m exposing BBC Panorama. You’re a liar. You have zero integrity in the job you do, and I can prove it now in black and white, and you, like the others, will be hearing from my lawyers”. That might prove interesting - for one simple reason.
Lizzie Dearden’s online reports, and indeed her Twitter feed from that day of the Darren Osborne court case, DO NOT MAKE THE CLAIM LENNON SAYS THEY DO.

This is from her Twitter feed: “The court has now heard Ms Osborne received two direct messages from Tommy Robinson. One invited him to join a protest march after the Manchester attack and another was appealing for money allegedly for a lawyer pursuing the 'Justice for Chelsea' campaign”. Note the word TWITTER does not appear.
There was more. “To all those asking what medium Tommy Robinson sent messages to Darren  Osborne by - the prosecution said they were direct but gave no further  detail. I will try to clarify at the end of the day … The two messages from Mr Robinson were automated emails sent out to a mailing list of subscribers to The Rebel website, and had been screengrabbed by Mr Osborne”. Note the word TWITTER is still absent.
Ms Dearden’s online articles (see HERE and HERE) similarly do not use the phrase DIRECT TWITTER MESSAGES. Yet Lennon has loudly denounced Ms Dearden to his thousands of followers as a “liar”. On the available online evidence, she is not. But as Lennon knows full well, that is not the point. His intention, as always, is to harass and intimidate, even if that means going after his targets on a false premise.

The effect of this will be a tsunami of abuse aimed at Ms Dearden, and quite possibly to physically endanger her. As ever, should she be harmed following Lennon’s outburst, it won’t be his fault. This is bang out of order. And it’s high time he was caused to desist.
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Anonymous said...

Twitter, shmitter.

The most important thing to remember is that "Tommy" is a far right racist arsehole.

It's all he lives for.

Sam Best said...

What a goose he is. You can't sue anyone over things that are said in court whether they be true or not.And this is the real problem with 'Tommy Robinson', his sheer ignorance is matched by a cunning ability to stir up hatred and a mob who may be lethal. A very dangerous combination- arrogance & stupidity.

Burlington Bertie from Bow said...

I'm glad we've got you to translate Lennon's garbled incoherence into English, Tim. I can never understand what the hell he's on about.

Unknown said...

"You can't sue anyone over things that are said in court whether they be true or not"

No. But what can do is claim you're going to sue and then beg for money to pay for the non-existent lawsuit.

ISKRA said...

Nothing seems to excite a feeding frenzy from the Yaxley-Lennon cultists quite so much as a Female journalist reporting something unfavourable about their dear leader. It hasn't gone unnoticed that he has sicced his misfit militia on prominent female antifascists over this past 24 hours.

Anonymous said...

Lol. Not true but you're a pussy so there's that.