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Thursday 7 February 2019

Karen Danczuk Ex IS A CRIMINAL

Fame is a fickle mistress, and no-one down there among the failed Z-listers knows this better than Karen Danczuk, momentarily famous for a combination of being once married to a disgraced former MP and spending unfeasibly large amounts of time flashing her cleavage for the cameras - any cameras. Now her ex is no longer in the public eye, nor is she. Except for a most unfortunate piece of news that came yesterday.
Before Kazza temporarily snared Spanish waiter David (you’ll have to forgive him, he’s from Alicante), she had become enamoured of one Andrew Foster. In December 2015, Mail Online told readersSelfie obsessed Karen Danczuk has revealed her potential new man on Twitter … The 32-year-old, who rose to fame by posting busty pictures on the site, sparked romance rumours after uploading a montage of photographs with fitness fanatic Andrew Foster”. The liaison continued for a few months.

But by September the following year, the Sleb Goss was all about her meeting the Spanish waiter from whom she split recently. Meanwhile, Foster had been getting on with business. Sadly for him, it was the kind of business in which the law enforcement authorities takes a keen interest - with the consequence that he ended up only just avoiding jail.

About Manchester has told thatA Rochdale council worker who abused his role to fraudulently transfer £80k to his friends has been jailed … Matthew Ravey,28,of Weir Road, Rochdale also created false insolvency documents for himself and friends while working at Rochdale Borough Council, in an attempt to avoid reimbursing payday loan companies he was in debt to”. There was more.

His career at Rochdale Borough Council began in October 2013, when he was hired as a business rates officer … In June 2016, an employee looked into a business rates refund that Ravey had processed after noticing it by chance … Ravey had applied a period of empty property relief totalling £4,208 on a company named Kinetic Security Products Ltd, despite records showing the company dissolved in 2014”. Do go on.
Kazza with Andrew Foster - who's just been convicted

He created a new bank account and creditor address associated with the business that in fact belonged to co-conspirators Richard Rigby,29,of Windmill Court, Rochdale and Andrew Foster, 31 of Smithy bridge Road, Littleborough respectively”. Andrew Foster was involved in criminal activity at the same time he was dating Kazza.

And the Manchester Evening News has now toldFoster, of, Smithybridge Road, Littleborough, pleaded guilty to one count of money laundering and was sentenced to complete 54 hours unpaid work”. Ravey was jailed. After all, he had siphoned off tens of thousands in council funds for his personal use.

Dating a bloke while he’s laundering money from the council to which she once got elected? Poor choices and Karen Danczuk do seem to be a recurring theme. And the Sleb status has more or less worn off. Still, there’s always a job on the Asda checkout.
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Unknown said...

Danczuk’s Deli, chough cough, rent, cough cough.

Anonymous said...

You've got to hand it to both Danksucks.

There are no depths they won't plumb, together or separately.

Did I mention the male version was/is New Labour?

Unknown said...

Kazza, sadly for herFHM and Loaded are no longer around for her to parade her Bristol around.