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Monday 18 February 2019

Honda Says Goodbye To Brexit Britain

It was only Project Fear. It was just the whining of Bitter Remoaners. It had more to do with the EU waging war on diesel cars. If only we could all be more optimistic and smile. A big boy did it and ran away. The excuses from Brexiteers keep on coming, but now they are being outpaced by the gathering storm of bad news. The UK Government has been messing business about for long enough. Now they will reap the whirlwind.
Nissan has cancelled proposed investment in its Sunderland plant which would have secured thousands of jobs. Now, as Sky News has told, “Honda to stun ministers with closure of Swindon factory … The Japanese carmaker is expected to disclose plans to close its Swindon plant in 2022, Sky News can reveal”.

As Sky’s Jason Farrell pointed out, the announcement should not have been unexpected: “Only last month Honda told sky news: ‘the UK’s departure from the EU without a withdrawal agreement would pose serious challenges’”. So how bad is the news?
Very bad. “Honda is preparing to announce the closure of its factory in Swindon, dealing a devastating blow both to its 3,500-strong workforce and ministers' hopes that the UK will remain an elite manufacturing economy after Brexit … Sky News has learnt that the Japanese car manufacturer could disclose the plan as soon as Tuesday morning”.

There was more in the same vein. “A Honda spokesman did not return calls seeking comment on Monday … If confirmed, the move will represent a further savage blow to Britain's automotive sector amid enormous uncertainty surrounding the terms of future trade with the European Union … the company will retain its European headquarters in Bracknell, Berkshire, as well as its Formula One racing team operations in the UK”.
And it will affect a lot more than 3,500 livelihoods: “The decision to permanently shut the Swindon factory will stun trade unions, and potentially put thousands of additional jobs at risk in the automotive industry supply chain and supporting businesses”. Why is it happening? “While factors other than Brexit are said to have contributed to Honda's decision, the timing of its announcement is likely to be viewed as an incendiary development with a no-deal Brexit potentially just under six weeks away”.
Also, our Prime Minister also knew there was more than a possibility of bad news on the way: “Theresa May attempted to reassure business leaders last week that an agreed departure from the EU remained the likeliest outcome, but was warned during a conference call that companies including Ford were accelerating plans to divert jobs and investment abroad”. She was warned. She did nothing. Thus the outcome.
Jobs are starting to leave the country. Who will bring us the next slice of bad news? Will it be another car manufacturer? If so, which? Jaguar Land Rover? Toyota? BMW, who make the Mini and Rolls-Royce? Volkswagen, who own Bentley Motors? Will Vauxhall finally be pulled out of the UK? Will it be another sector - Airbus, perhaps?

Whatever the source of the next body blow to the UK economy, there is one common factor to all of these recent announcements: Brexit, and its resultant uncertainty. We have an inept and tribal Government which is unable to hold itself together and take action at the same time. This is down to Brexiteer Tories. Time for them to own the problem.
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Anonymous said...

If I was a betting man I'd say JLR Halewood is bound to go, probably sooner rather than later.

Capitalism in action, Brexit or no Brexit.

Brexit is only one symptom of a far right creed alien to everything that makes for civilised society and human decency.

You might as well get used to much, much worse during the next few years. A house riddled with growing dry rot will always collapse. Even roosting chickens will flee it.

ashie said...

"It's nothing to do with Brexit™"

Anonymous said...

The unfortunate folk of Swindon can always take the advice of a former bitter and twisted tory: Get on their bikes to London and become sandwich-makers and bartenders for all those "financial services" people . Always assuming said people don't do one after Brexit. What then? "Managed decline" of Swindon?

rob said...

Meanwhile we are told Corbyn is playing a blinder.

Rocking on as the ship UK founders on the rocks of insanity.

Anonymous said...

Britain hit the rocks in 2008 under New Labour and has been floundering ever since.

It's been in all the papers and on TV and radio.

You must have missed it.

Anonymous said...

So as the UK sinks beneath the waves Corbyn plays a blinder by focusing on local buses.

And his acolytes play the history card. What did the Romans ever do for us eh? Perhaps Nero passed on his fiddle lessons to Jezza?

Incidentally has he denounced any foreign interference in the referendum? Perhaps it was on the radio TV and papers that you and yours loudly denounce?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rob 23:23.

Go on, rob. Enlighten us about "foreign interference in the referendum". I'm sure you have proof to back it up.

You know, like I have proof to show Western foreign interference, invasion, mass murder and socioeconomic destruction in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. Now threatened in Venezuela too. Plus many others before. All of it condemned by Corbyn.

But you probably think "local buses" more important. Or a side track.

In your own time.