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Friday 15 February 2019

Tommy Robinson Rape Crisis Helpline Shame

Just when it might have been thought that Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, could not get any lower, he then outdoes himself, this time with the support of his devoted followers. Engineering confrontations with his targets on a false premise? Hounding someone who works at a Luton solicitor’s firm so badly the bloke loses his job? Pah. Those pale into insignificance when put alongside the latest stunt.
Lennon has spotted, or one of his fans has, an advert for a rape crisis centre which advertises itself to BAME women. This incurred his disapproval, and so he publicised the advert, with the contact number clearly visible, alongside the sneering comment “I guess it's ok to rape white women then??!?!?!”. THEY’RE COMING FOR OUR WOMEN!
As I type this post, the Facebook intervention from Lennon is 22 hours old. It has been shared more than 5,200 times. And rather a lot of those sharing the post have decided to ring up the rape crisis helpline because Tommy Said It Was A Very Bad Thing. The effect has been to jam up the service and shut out those who actually need it.
A rape survivor called Helen observed “Yesterday Tommy Robinson fans decided to jam a Rape Crises line set up for BAME people with volunteers who speak several languages because he took offence to a poster not mentioning white people. A helpline to help rape victims. The people he says he cares about”. There was more.
Although she was positively restrained: “Jamming a rape crises line - slow clap Tommy Robinson fans, slow clap”. Caitlin Spencer was not so restrained. “Vile tommy Robinson fans clogging up a rape crisis helpline. Can’t stand these vile little cretins. Proves yet again they don’t care about rape victims - just using certain stories to push hate”.
And another Tweeter simply responded “If ANY of Tommy Robinson's cult have blocked the rape crisis phones because of this then shame on you, shame on you Tommy for not thinking of victims of sexual violence!”. But there was worse to come - in the comments left by The Great Man’s followers. They thought blocking the number was great.
I just called that rape crisis number it went straight through to answering machine” … “He can’t be spreading lies when its [sic] right there in writing” … “Think we ALL need to phone the numbers advertised & put in a racist complaint!” … “first stop 3rd nation inflow, everything will be good” … “Bombard them with phone calls” … “Just phoned them and left a message will ring a [sic] again” … “I tried phoning but it’s been engaged for last several minutes” … “probably because Tommy has shared it lol” were typical, plus the inevitable “Wake up everyone. The time for sleeping is long gone”.
This is totally out of order. Worse is that after almost a day, it might be thought that even Stephen Yaxley Lennon would call off his brains trust and say sorry - which latter he will, as so often, be unable or unwilling to do. He claims to have the interests of rape victims at heart - but, it seems, only those rape victims he deems worthy of support.

Or, to turn around his sneering comment, “I guess it’s OK to rape non-white women then?” Doesn’t sound so clever now, eh Stephen? Because it bloody well isn’t.
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iMatt said...

This is in a similar vein to twits who complain that the MOBO Awards are racists because it's the music of black origin! Despite the fact that a white hip-hop, reggae, R&B or soul artist/band/group could easily be nominated.

I very much doubt these idiots phoning this rape crisis centre are both wasting thier time and running up their phone bills!

Unknown said...

Sadly, this will only strengthen his ignorant and bigoted followers... Wonder how many even know what BAME stands for!

Unknown said...

So this is bollox AND right wing???

Unknown said...

The statement on the front of your leaflet says it all. Take responsibility for your offensive actions.

Paul Barnes said...

"Wonder how many even know what BAME stands for"
Well obviously they know what it stands for. More important though is what it means. And what it means is non-white. Turn it around. A rape crisis centre for white women. Would that be allowed?

Anonymous said...

@Paul Barnes

Rape Crisis serves ALL women. Of any and every race. This one poster is aimed at black and minority ethnic women who may face additional barriers to accessing services such as language or cultural issues to the part of the charity which is best able to cater to those needs - But that is one arm of the charity which serves many and all women with care and compassion no matter their background or circumstance.