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Wednesday 13 February 2019

Tommy Robinson Bang To Rights

Anyone who knows Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, of old will have heard him challenging claims that he is racist: “Show me where I’m racist”. He is not racist, he claims, because he has Black and Asian friends. Well, today the Murdoch Sun has told the world that he has been caught on camera using the P-word - and boasting about how easy it is to obtain currently illegal drugs.
It has, of course, been strongly rumoured for some time that Lennon has a long-term relationship with Charlie, but even so, this claim looks bad - because it is.

I’ve gone to Qatar, I’ve gone to Doha, and scored gear on the sesh while they were all praying. Every city I’ve gone to, when we went to Germany for the World Cup … so tonight we’re in some shithole … bro, do you know where this pub is? Can I get a taxi … taxi … little P*** who drives a car? Where’s the worst pub, the roughest pub, where everyone fights each other in this city?” He tried to say Benjamin Netenyahu, but failed.

Then he said “Shalom” followed by a stream of expletives, before telling “If there was a war tomorrow, cause there will be, because I’ll probably start it at the end of the sesh, I would be there on the front line, fighting for Israel. Do you know why? F*** Palestine, why would you support Palestine?” So what has The Great Man had to say in reply?

Right on cue, Lennon has released another of his videos, taking a break from what appears to be a family holiday to lambast the hated MSM. “It’s from a private group message of friends” he tells. So being privately racist and privately boasting about scoring drugs is different? Ri-i-i-i-ight. Then comes the improbably conspiracy theory.
By the way Mainstream Media, if this is your big trump card, it’s going to backfire so much because every single group of British lads are in group messages and they chat shit and they banter each other non-stop”. So it’s OK, as it was only BANTER! Then he claims he is being taken out of context. But the P-word needs no context. It’s loaded.

But he’s adamant. “Does anyone out there think [I] went to an Islamic country and got drugs and took them in that Islamic country?” Well, the Gulf Times (for instance) has toldUp to 5% of Qatar’s population, aged 18-60 years, is addicted to either alcohol or drugs, a Supreme Council of Health official said yesterday”. So not a total impossibility.

But back to that improbable conspiracy theory. “The Mainstream Media have not reported a single word about the Panorama exposé that’s filtering out. But yet every one of them now - Lizzie Dearden has just contacted for a comment - all of the Mainstream Media, watch, by the end of the day will have run the video [of Lennon drunk]” The idea that the Murdoch press is going in to bat for the BBC is for the birds.

And after all of that, Lennon confesses that “This could have been so much worse”. Which is not a good look when you’ve already been caught using the P-word and making those claims about scoring currently illegal drugs. He is just digging himself deeper.
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Anonymous said...


Is "Tommy" a Millwall fan too?

Sam Best said...

When you are a right-wing racist and lose the support of The Sun you can basically say it's all over.

Anonymous said...

Cocaine damages the heart. Not that Robinscum has any.