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Tuesday 19 February 2019

UKIP Aide ENDORSES Anti-Semitism

While our free and fearless press is bashing the Labour Party and claiming that lifelong anti-racist Jeremy Corbyn suddenly came over all racist when he became party leader in 2015, the remaining saloon bar propper-uppers at UKIP are doing casual racism properly, rather than Labour which, mainly, isn’t really doing it at all.
We know this after failed amateur kidnapper Daniel Thomas, so revealingly brought to the top Kipper table to sit at the left hand of new leader Adolf von Batten, has been indulging in  not just excusing anti-Semitism, but wholeheartedly endorsing it. Whether Thomas has the intellectual capacity to realise this is not known. But he’s indulging in it nevertheless.
Thomas observed the split from Labour of seven MPs yesterday and decided he would try and make some capital from it. “And the left call us ‘Nazi’s’ [sic] … Where is the outcry in support for the Jewish community, but when UKIP leader Gerard shows support for Tommy he is a far right racist … It’s all falling apart for labour... #StopTheHate #SupportTheJews”.
Daniel Thomas calling for others to “stop the hate” is particularly rich, but hey ho. In the meantime, however, Thomas was being admonished by his own side, in the person of one James Young, who claims to be a “constitutionalist” (Britain does not have a written constitution) and is in favour of a WTO Brexit, which won’t happen as the UK’s application to the WTO was rejected last Autumn. But hey, details, eh?
I support the normal working jew, however I do not support the Zionist jews who control the central banks!” he responded, thus veering across the anti-Semitism line in no style at all. Clinton Baptiste decided to tell him so. “So. You’re an anti-Semite James. And so are you Danneh. You support the normal working Jew? Hitler blamed the worldwide Zionist financial conspiracy for the hell Germany was in after WW1 and look how that turned out. You’re nothing more than a Nazi in M&S clothes”. Ouch!
James Young protested. “How can you accuse me or being anti Semitic when I’ve said I support the working jew? So no you haven’t stated a fact, you’ve come out with complete bull shit!” Baptiste wasn’t swallowing that. “So. A Jew that works in Sainsbury’s is a good Jew but one that works in the banking sector is a bad Jew? Can you not see the problem with your anti Semitic statement?” Good and bad Jews - a classic anti-Semitic trope.
Young just dug himself in deeper with “The elite jews like Rothschilds and Soros who I am primarily referring to!” Put a fork in him, he’s done. But in the meantime, Thomas had responded to Young’s statement about “the ordinary working Jew” with “Agree!!!” He had endorsed a basic and blatant anti-Semitic comment.
So what has Batten done about that? As if you need to ask. He’s done nothing. He’s too busy peddling racist lies, like “Now ITV News now giving prime time coverage to the ISIS bride for whom it all went wrong - they lost! Of all the stories that could be covered in 30 mins of news this is deemed of prime importance. I guess she’ll end up with a council house & on benefits before long”. What a sad, whinging bigot.

Meanwhile one of his aides cheers on an anti-Semite and he does nothing. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Anonymous said...

"...the normal working jew..."

Jesus wept......Or maybe it was Moses......

As opposed, presumably, to "...the abnormal working jew..."

But what about the vast majority, "...the abnormal working christian..."?

asquith said...

This must embarrass UKIP/EDL/alt-right/Trump types who use Soros as a trope without explicitly saying they mean Jews, that someone has openly stated what their dogwhistling is about.

RodJ said...

asquith, I doubt very much if anything embarrasses the kippers, alt right, Orban or the far-right of the Tory Party. The mere fact that they believe in their toxic nonsense proves they are incapable of shame.