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Sunday 10 February 2019

Carole Malone Corbyn Rant FAIL

Some pundits know their limitations; those who do not are always likely to let the rest of the world see them all too clearly. One who falls, with no style at all, into the latter category is former Sunday Mirror and Screws contributor Carole Malone, who has today decided to indulge in one of her favourite pursuits, that of kicking Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn.
Carole Malone - not as popular as she imagines

Ms Malone has allowed the thought to enter that Tom Bower’s unauthorised biography Dangerous Hero will be rather more than just another rehashing of what we already know about Jezza. Her problem is that in this, she is in a very small minority. Even the Sun’s Jane Moore, discussing the Bower book on the paper review session of The Andy Marr Show™ this morning, did not consider the work significant.
Worse, Ms Malone does not exactly have a track record free of bias when it comes to baseless and incoherent criticism of the Labour leader. Take her combination of ignorance and lack if inquiry on Jezza’s work in Northern Ireland: “Why does @jeremycorbyn keep saying he talked to the IRA to secure the peace process.He was a lowly MP with no power to secure anything”. Not everyone on the Republican - or Loyalist - sides agrees.

The ignorance was not confined to one subject area, as witness “It's despicable this devastating loss of life [Grenfell] is being politicised + used by activists to bolster Corbyn + destroy May”. Theresa May’s response wasn’t good enough. DUP being bunged £1 billion? No problem for Ms Malone: “Will be cheaper in the long run than having Corbyn + McDonnell in charge”. And there was more. Rather a lot more.
Downright lies about the Labour leader? You got it: “Why does @jeremycorbyn think it's better to defend Pakistani abusers than their victims?” Calling British citizens “Pakistanis”? At least she managed not to say “Paki”. And taking hatchet jobs on trust: “Disturbing piece @mailonsundaySTL about how Corbyn and his team hideously+cynically used to Manchester bomb tragedy to get votes”. Wrong. But it brings us to the Bower book.
This, as with the Manchester bombing claim, is being brought to us by the Mail on Sunday. And Ms Malone clearly has high hopes for the book: “If you think @jeremyc0rbyn is an incompetent fool read the serialisation of Tom Bowers new book in the Mail on Sunday. Your opinion of him is about to get very much worse!” Pity she can’t tag properly, mind.
Nor is she able to accept criticism on that subject without being a patronising idiot. “Aah a Corbynista. Me mistagging a tweet by mistake is nothing compared to what YOUR hero has done on purpose. And no matter how hard you try to have a go at me luv - it really doesn’t detract from what he is! Now jog on”. Keep digging, eh?
As for accepting that not everyone shares her enthusiasm, well … “Oh dearie me. That’s the trouble with you Corbynistas. You just can’t accept the truth. That expose is nothing to do with the Daily Mail you muppet. It’s the serialisation of a BOOK by Tom Bowers. You clearly have no idea who he is - Google him. You might learn something!
More than you’d learn by listening to her, methinks. Back to the patronising: “Oh Yes luv I’ll try and summarise the book in one tweet shall I. Read it you lazy woman”. Also, she called Rachael Cousins “You blind, deluded, silly woman”. The problem is, Ms Malone, that not everyone shares your deluded view of the world. And you’re well past your sell-by date.
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The Toffee said...

carol WHO?

Anonymous said...

Who is/was Carole Malone? Pleased to say I've never heard of her.

iMatt said...

Carole Malone clearly inspired the creators of 'The League of Gentlemen':


Anonymous said...

She's almost batshit enough to make you pity Stig Abell.
Almost . . .

Stephen said...

Mind you, if she'd put The Truth in caps it might have been a bit more convincing.

Fast Astra said...

You are right about that. FACT!

Neil Barber said...

Carol Malone was on the Vine Show on Channel 5 on Thursday where they discussed the media's OUTRAGE!11!!!! at Tusk pointing out the bloody obvious that Brexit politicians do not have a Plan A or a Plan B that will pass through Parliament and these same Brexiteers don't even agree with each other.

She said it was outrageous that an unelected Brussels bureaucrat could be insulting. Another member of the panel said she was wrong, Tusk was elected. 'Oh no he wasn't' pantoed Carol. 'Oh yes he was,' came the reply, 'Tusk was elected by the leaders of every government that makes up the EU.'* On and on she blustered and tried to shout down the other panelists.

We have indeed moved into a post-truth world.

* Except Poland.

Anonymous said...

I've heard more common sense from a whoopee cushion than anything coming out of Molly Malone's runaway mouth.

The lipstick daubed gimp.

Alan said...

My abiding memory of Malone is her column eviscerating Princess Diana, and wondering whether Gucci made zips with which she could close her gob. Whoops! By the time it reached newsagents, the target was dead. A reverse ferret followed next Sunday.