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Friday 8 February 2019

Frances Barber - Nurse, The Screens!

Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour front bench team may have won plaudits in Brussels for their latest Brexit initiative, to the clear discomfiture of Theresa May, but not everyone out there is happy about The Red Team. And someone who is never happy about The Red Team under Jezza’s leadership, especially late at night, is Z-list actor Frances Barber, who has once more gone over the top in no style at all.
Frances Barber
Owen Jones

Ms Barber had not exactly gone out of her way to win friends and influence people last month when she ranted “The Corbynites stack up against any decent person. I was piled on by Matt Zarb Cousin. RT’d by Owen Jones. So a massive bitchfest. I called them out. More. They despise women. They despise normal discourse . And it appears they allow anti Semitic bullying”. She had to say “appears” or they’d have sued her. Successfully.
But there had, since then, been a modicum of silence. That all changed after Owen Jones expressed his frustration at increasingly semi-detached Labour MP Chuka Umunna. “Ever since Chuka Umunna ran to be Streatham’s Labour candidate in 2008 on an anti-Trident, anti-Blairite ticket, then abruptly tried to reinvent himself as Blair Mark II, he’s had one priority, and one priority alone: his own political career. Enough”.
Ms Barber wasn’t having that. “Your hate won’t stop millions of Remainers back Chuka & all those who stand with him . Because the Working Class will be devastated by a Corbyn Brexit”. Plenty of false assumptions there, then. Jones reminded her that she had used the C-word against him, telling “You're in no position to lecture anyone on hate”. True, that.
What say The Great Thesp? “I stand by it. You & Matt Zarb tried to bully me. I’m not a pushover”. Jones corrected her. “No, Frances. You made defamatory claims about @mattzarb - claiming that he had set up a series of anonymous fake accounts to attack you - which Matt tweeted to refute, and I retweeted his refutation in solidarity, and then you called me a ‘cunt’. You are the bully here”. This bloke came up to me, once more.
By now, Ms Barber was off and running, or perhaps merely staggering hopefully. “If Corbyn gets into Number 10, Owen Jones, Aaron Bastani, Matt Zarbo, & various other aggressive outriders will be in charge of our Democracy”. They’re running for office too? Whatever.
Well, she was becoming ever more creative with her claims. “I called him a cunt because he & Matt Zarb tried to bully me. Look at the facts. I couldn’t care less about him except he’s a hypocrite & mouthpiece for Milne. That’s what is important. He is now A Lexiteer . That is what is at stake”. Meanwhile, Zarb-Cousin had replied to Owen Jones.
“I’m blocked but I presume whatever’s been said could be summed up by this emoji [wine glass]”. Well, as Ms Barber has admitted to Tweeting while Elephant’s Trunk And Mozart, that’s a fair assumption. Whatever was oiling her wheels, though, it wasn’t helping her credibility: after she Tweeted “You are a Political Advisor?  Lol” at Labour advisor Zeshan Araf, he put her straight in short order. “And you’re a shitty backup actress?

Frances Barber Tweeting late at night is like Winshton’s opinion of Austen Chamberlain: he always played the game, and he always lost. Don’t drink and Tweet.
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Anonymous said...

All you have to do with New Labour quislings like Barber is wait patiently. They always give their game away.

In this case it's the term "Corbyn Brexit", plus of course the hoary old bullshit about "anti-semitism". The Nazis at Vauxhall Cross will be delighted with those bits of lying garbage.

Owen Jones verbally swatted her like a fly. Which is all she deserves.

The best thing she, Umunna and their fellow travellers could do is join the tories. After all, they are indistinguishable. Horrible, corrupt people with not a principle between them.

Anonymous said...

I didn't get very far into this article before I thought Ms Barber had been at the sauce again, her opinions, bellowed from a merlot fuelled megaphone are rarely insightful other than giving us a view of her hateful and paranoid little world. Meanwhile, over at Tory party hq, I imagine they think it's all terrific fun. I just wish she could shut up for a bit, and maybe do some acting?

Anonymous said...

Appears to be another potential customer for the phone unlock system which is attached to a breathalyzer.

Mark said...

She is such a crank. I mean, does she even work now? Probably alienated everyone with her appalling bigoted attitudes and her excessive alcohol intake. Hilarious that she feels she can talk for the working classes! She's not speaking for me that's for sure, and it doesn't appear that she's speaking for the working classes who actually voted for Brexit either! Probably will be the first to sign up for John Woodcock's centrist left party of fools.

Anonymous said...

Woodcock "centre left"?

Nurse! More screens please!... Quickly now!

Mark said...

Anon at 1:58, I know it's ridiculous, but that's what he's been floating himself as on the regional news here in the North West just this week. He wants to effectively form a centre left party full of the Blairites who have hopefully now realised they can't topple Corbyn with their stupid in fighting. A case of 'if you can't beat him, join something else'

Anonymous said...

Mark 14:58.

The sooner Woodcock and co form their own party and get out of the Labour Party, the better for the political health of this country. And the North West.

Their shelf life would be even less than the so-called "Social Democrats" and the Four Shysters.

Good riddance to them all.

Mark said...

Anon 17.01, I totally agree. I hope he takes Luciana Berger and Louise Ellman with him too; seeing the pair stick together today is sickening.