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Thursday 14 June 2018

Raheem Kassam LIES About Tommy Robinson

After Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, pleaded guilty to contempt of court and was duly sentenced to 13 months’ jail, the protests have carried on, but from Lennon himself there has been very little. That might be unhelpful when it comes to whipping up the mob into believing that their hero really is in danger in prison.
So to redress the balance have come claims that Lennon is being placed in grave danger. This will stoke the paranoia of the Wall of Gammon™ ahead of the next street disturbance. That has meant the involvement of the Walter Mitty-like figure of Raheem “call me Ray” Kassam, who recently showed the world he knows sweet Jack about English law.
Kassam, an appallingly immodest being with much to be modest about, started as he meant to go on - talking well, but lying badly. “Tommy's human rights are being violated as he was moved to a new UK prison last night, without warning or reason. He is now in a very heavily Muslim populated prison in the Midlands in England” he bleated.
No-one’s human rights have been violated, and Kassam is lying once again. And there was more in the same vein: “UPDATE: I do not believe “71%” of Tommy’s new fellow inmates are Muslim. It is more like 1 in 5. That is still high and higher than average UK prison population. There’s no need for us to disseminate incorrect figures when the real truth is bad enough”. YOU JUST DISSEMINATED INCORRECT FIGURES.
Still, if at first you don’t succeed, well, try sucking some more seed, eh? Back came Ray: “UPDATE: I am told the decision to move Tommy Robinson from a relatively safe prison to a highly unsafe one came from the @ukhomeoffice - which means people need to be asking questions of @sajidjavid, Britain’s new Home Secretary”. This is totally untrue.
Ross McCafferty tried to give Kassam a hint. “You honestly believe Sajid Javid personally intervened to move Tommy?” But The Great Man was having none of it: “I said he was ultimately responsible if the order came from within the Home Office. But no doubt you’ll find a way to spin it. Go on”. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about (again).
Barrister Adam Wagner had to put Kassam out of his misery: “Why would the Home Office have anything to do with this? The Minister of Justice runs prisons and decides on transfers - in my experience”. Only now did Kassam recant - well, sort of: “Adam has a point. Though I am reliably told this came from Home Office, the person who SHOULD have ultimate responsibility in this regard is Justice Minister @DavidGauke.”
Yeah, someone dealing in facts correcting an habitual liar only “has a point”. What was Kassam’s excuse this time? “I have personally verified all the information I have put into the public domain via the only people who would know. His family”. Well, wherever he got the information, what he’s come out with is yet another pack of lies.
And in the meantime, as the certifiably batshit Alex Jones at InfoWars shows, the idiot fringe has got to work. “EMERGENCY! Tommy Robinson is being shipped to a high-security, Muslim-majority prison. He’ll be released to the general population despite inmates already making death threats against him”.

Ray” Kassam should think before engaging mouth. But he’d have to find his brain first.


Ed said...

Since the world is busy fact-checking Kassam's rubbish...


Stephen said...

They really want him to get killed, don't they?

Anonymous said...

Got to ask - where are the family getting the information from? It would be as easy for them to make up the information as anyone else since in their initial few weeks inside prisoners are moved around as par for the course.

I doubt it is in writing, and I would prefer to see it written down than rely on apparent word of mouth - although I imagine that Kassam flourishes on word of mouth since it could be claimed later that he must have misheard in the unlikely event that he has to apologise.

Jonathan said...

It's about two things. One to drive the conspiracy theory that Tommy Robinson is a 'political prisioner'.
Two to deflect away media attention from the alleged collusion between the Russian state and the Leave campaign which involved many prominent Fascists including many of the UKIP establishment.
Its not going well for the Brexiteers..