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Thursday 21 June 2018

Nigel Farage Endorses Child Abuse

Over in the USA at the moment - one can only hope that there is some kind of problem with his return ticket - former UKIP Oberscheissenführer Nigel “Thirsty” Farage has been doing what he knows best, and in the States that means giving his unequivocal endorsement to whatever Combover Crybaby Donald Trump has inflicted on that great nation, however draconian and inhumane it might be.
Squeaky uncaring sociopath finger up the bum time

And the most draconian and inhumane measure to come out of the Trump gang for some time has concerned those attempting to enter the USA, who are deemed illegal migrants by the authorities there. Parents have been separated from children, the latter being locked up often in temporary cages. The sounds of crying children have played across the airwaves; condemnation has come even from Trump’s own party.
The Donald, being little more than a cheap huckster, blowhard and serial liar, has previously washed his hands of the problem, saying "you can't do it through an executive order”, and insisting that only Congress could fix the policy by passing immigration reform. It was the Democrats’ fault, perhaps Barack Obama did it. That sort of dishonesty.

Into this controversy came Farage, who had been invited on to the friendly territory of Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse) to pontificate on the matter. This is what he said about it: “So it’s very easy to be compassionate, but you’ve got to understand that in the case of America and these borders, many of these children are being used as a means to get other people in”. The usual pack of lies, then. And there was more.
Many of whom aren’t even their families [another blatant lie] … you’ve got to … Trump has got to stay tough on this and ignore all the screams coming from the liberal media”. This callous shyster managed not to notice that the screams, such as they were, were coming from all those poor children crying out for their parents.
And what that meant was not lost on many pundits, one of whom was Laurence Tribe: “Trump, Kelley, Miller, Sessions and Nielsen are monsters. How eagerly and proudly they abuse innocent children and desperate families for political gain is abominable. Their actions are totally unforgivable”. It was child abuse. And Farage had backed it.

Moreover, Mr Thirsty’s singularly unfortunate “screams” remark had not gone unnoticed, not least by Jo Rowling, who called The Great Man out on it: “The screams reverberating around the world are coming from terrified children in cages. What you’re saying here is that you believe child abuse should be a legitimate tool of the state.” Quite.
Strange, isn’t it, that the far right claim to be hot on child abuse, but turn out only to be really hot on it when they’re using it as a way of demonising Scary Muslims™? When a rogue President leads his country to practice institutionalised child abuse, that same far right don’t want to know, because, hey, he might be an SOB, but he’s their SOB.

The far right won’t be able to admit it, because Nige is their hero, but Farage has just endorsed child abuse. And this morning, after Trump U-turned in the face of nationwide condemnation, the former UKIP leader is left looking even worse. Because he is.


Anonymous said...

There can be no doubt that Trump is "..a cheap huckster, blowhard and serial liar..."

Which is why it was quite right he should hold hands with the Maybot and why he should fit in well with the tories, New Labour and the LibDems when he finally gets here.

Given the array and record of previous presidents of that benighted country he is too a "worthy" successor.

Like Britain, the USA gets the kind of spiv political "leaders" it deserves.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1: The threat from the far-right is serious across the west, so for God's sake stop lumping all politicians to the left of St Jezza in the same bed as them. You might not agree with their economic motives but none of the Lib Dems or Centrist Labour people I've met would endorse anything the combover crybaby is doing. Get a grip.

rob said...

Nige lost an election in Salisbury 1997?

Did no one report the element of toxicity had risen there then?

Could have saved a lot of bother since.