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Friday 22 June 2018

Daily Mail Says Migrants Caused Brexit

After the news from Airbus, there was only going to be one course of action for many in and around our free and fearless press: any idea of taking the blame for all that brown smelly stuff that was about to interface violently with the rotating air-circulation device was totally out of the question, but blaming all those rotten foreigners for it was not.
So it was that the Dacre doggies at the Daily Mail brought us a Peak Brexit™ conflation of xenophobia, bigotry, hatred and incitement as it screamed3.8 MILLION EU MIGRANTS ALLOWED TO STAY HERE … That’s 600,000 more than estimated - and they can bring their families”. We’re going to be overrun by Scary Muslims™ - and anywhere that isn’t, well, it’ll be overrun by other people who talk foreign.

This is the green light for the Wall of Gammon™ to indulge in hate speech, and much worse, against anyone born outside the UK, and especially when the jobs start to be shipped out to mainland Europe. This is confirmed when readers are told “Any EU migrant who has lived in Britain lawfully for at least five years will be granted this ‘settled status’ – giving them full access to schools, hospitals, pensions and benefits”.

Aaarghh! They’re all going to get benefits! And pensions! That means they’re taking OUR BENEFITS and OUR PENSIONS! And it gets worse: “However, international criminal record checks will not be routinely carried out, meaning violent criminals could get the right to live here”. They’re all violent criminals! They’re going to kill us!

And worse. “Even if an EU citizen has a criminal record in Britain, they might not be considered for deportation … Officials said that if an offence such as rape had been committed many years ago, it might not meet the threshold to deport someone”. They’re all criminals, and we can’t get rid of them!
Why the f*** should I take the blame for all those c***s thrown out of work after f***ing Brexit, c***?!?!?

And worse still: “Successful applicants will also get the right to bring their parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, children and partners to join them - even if they are not EU nationals”. Not EU nationals? So they might be … MORE SCARY MUSLIMS! From Turkey! And Syria! And Iraq! And Iran! And Afghanistan! And Pakistan! We’re going to be overrun! What happened to that fairytale Brexit land with no brown people?

That this article is designed to prey on the minds of the easily led was confirmed by narrative such as “Officials revealed they were planning for 3.8 million applications – about 600,000 more than previously expected. It is because officials do not know exactly how many EU migrants are living here”. Aaarghh! We’ve been overrun already!

And don’t forget, just in case Mail readers were not frightened enough, “Applicants’ names will be screened against only UK police and security databases, unless there is ‘good cause’ to suspect a person has a hidden criminal history abroad. It raises the prospect that dangerous EU criminals - including killers, rapists and drug lords - will not be identified when they apply for the right to live here permanently”. Killers! Rapists! Drug lords!

All that was then needed was quotes from Philip Davies and Migration Watch. The Mail has now moved on to hammering home that migrants have caused everything bad about Brexit. But remember folks, this is just free speech and Paul Dacre having that conversation with his readers. So move along, nothing to see here.

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Jonathan said...

Will the Editor of the Daily Gammon be missing his rather modest sum of money from the EU for his land up in the Highlands?