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Monday 25 June 2018

Katie Hopkins Is A Coward

One good news story for the coming week is that pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins is - all too briefly - out of the country. But don’t worry, concerned creditors, her trip is being paid for by someone else. Hatey Katie is going to Tel Aviv, where those unfortunate enough to hold a ticket and with no other excuse that night will experience “An evening with Katie Hopkins”. Goodness knows how grim the second prize was.
Viewers might still want to look away now

This journey to one of the few places prepared to offer her a warm welcome that does not involve setting fire to her has come hot on the heels of her participation in the Peoples Vote march last Saturday in London (presumably also paid for by someone else). You were there and didn’t see her? Ah well. That is because, when it comes to anything where she might be recognised, Ms Hopkins is of less than perfect courage.
True, when someone had expressed their concern than Hamas might rock up at her Tel Aviv event (like the IDF would let that happen, yeah, right), she proclaimed “Thank you ma’am. I have no fear. The fight for our culture is worth much more than my life”. But Hatey Katie talk with forked tongue. Well forked it is.
This became apparent when Ms Hopkins infiltrated herself and her cameraman from Rebel Media into the Peoples Vote march. “In behind enemy lines #PeoplesVoteMarch” she Tweeted, but no-one reported seeing her. Had she been clearly visible, Twitter would have been positively alight. But there was not a peep.
But there she was, apparently, Tweeting out a series of video shorts and still photos, one with the caption “#PeoplesVoteMarch Dear god”. What was happening? Well, remember that claim that “I have no fear”. That’s not quite true, is it?
All was revealed afterwards - as if the Peoples Vote marchers would have done anything more aggressive than taken the piss out of her - as she admitted to wearing a dark wig and shades, so as not to be recognised. “Super fun to film as my alter-ego Joan O’Brian with deluded Remainers at #PeoplesMarch - I look forward to sharing their ‘special’ views with my report for @TheRebelTV”. Their views? That’s not quite true, either.
That was admitted as she then told “Brave Remaniac Joan O’Brian took the fight for a second #PeoplesVote (because the first vote was the wrong answer) all the way to Parliament. And passers-by looked on supportively. #StandWithJoan #BollockstoBrexit Full video coming soon @TheRebelTV”. “Sharing their views” is not the same thing as “looking on supportively”. And “looking on supportively” is not approval.
Still, details, eh? So Hatey Katie is a coward. But there was one saving grace: “I can confirm Joan O’Brian wears undies. Katie Hopkins does not”. I’m sure Derek and Clive would have had no trouble explaining that one.

All those inoffensive Peoples Vote marchers, and still she was too frit to let them know who she really was. Katie Hopkins really is no more than a keyboard warrior.


Unknown said...

She pulled a blinder on Twitter the other day suggesting that the relatively light police presence at the march was evidence of some kind of institutional bias for remain voters.

Or it could be evidence that the police thought that the Peoples Vote March were less likely to turn up pissed and try to smash the place up than her moronic gammon herd.

Anonymous said...

So all she could report was that people looked on supportively? There was no one opposing the view of the march, backing up her angle? That must have been disappointing for her.
Guess it must have been a safer bet than going on the other march...

Wonder if ‘Joan O’Brian’ will reappear in Israel, reporting from the Palestinian camps? I don’t think I will run down to the bookies with a fiver for that one.

ISKRA said...

Well, at least she admitted, in a round about way, that she is indeed a vulva faced skunk.
Hatey is possibly the most odious of the Alt-Right bigots and professional Islamophobes because from the get-go she's been strictly mercenary, a kind of 'pay before I bay' Fascista peeg.

On the topic of Fascista peegs.....over on ye olde Tweeter, Kay-Lin has been outted by young Luke, in an until yesterday obscure video chat, going full Aryan with clamp jawed Nazi, Mark Collet:

It would appear that Kay-Lin, our privileged, fop haired Fascist fuckdog, may not be holding a strong enough hand re, the goods on Ezra Levant's indiscretions, to ride out the forthcoming internecine strife...

Jonathan said...

Considering the People's March contained people with more than self interest at heart or blind ignorance.

That's one reason why the police didn't bother with other than a light presence.

rob said...

Let's not get complacent about "celeb" fascists whether in disguise or not. It's more important to recognise the drivers, those that seek to use them for their own ends whether they be fascists or not. So bravo Carole Cadwalladr and her team for daring to go where our mainstream would not (for whatever reason). I

Anonymous said...

Hatey Katie is going to Tel Aviv, where those unfortunate enough to hold a ticket and with no other excuse that night will experience “An evening with Katie Hopkins”. Goodness knows how grim the second prize was.

Two evenings with Katie Hopkins?