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Saturday 9 June 2018

Far Right Fails To Free Tommy

Some out there on the far right have still not understood that their hero Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, was arrested, and then sentenced to a total of 13 months’ imprisonment recently, not because someone was trying to take away his freedom of speech, or because they were all out to get him, or because someone was appeasing the Scary Muslims (tm). It was because he repeatedly broke the law.
And, given that Lennon was warned he would go to jail if he broke the law again, broke the law again, and was then jailed as promised, it should be in the realm of the bleeding obvious that there is no debate to be had over his sentencing. He’s done the crime; therefore he is now serving the time. But this has been too much for some in the Wall of Gammon (tm) to understand, so another protest has been held this afternoon in London.
Hope Not Hate summed up the false premise involved: “A large group of people exercising their freedom of speech to protest about their lack of freedom of speech... maybe they're confused”. Matt Carr was not impressed by what he saw: “Pitchfork mob gather in Trafalgar Square to let the world know that they know nothing, are completely oblivious to facts or truth, but really, really hate Muslims. Embarrassing tossers”.
UKIP leader Adolf von Batten, though, gave the protest his unequivocal support, prompting Tony Grew to observe “UKIP dropping any pretence here - they’re an explicitly racist far right party”. And, on that subject, Mike Stuchbery warned “Flags of the fascist Generation Identity movement alongside tiki torches - as seen at the Charlottesville Neo-Nazi rally - outside Whitehall. If you're waiting for a sign to get involved in defending your country against a global Far Right - this is it”. There was more.
After Caitlin Foley told “The racists have descended on Trafalgar Square. Pretty horrified to see parents taking young children holding pro Tommy Robinson signage. London, I thought you were better than this”, Jo Phillips confirmed “I won't post a screen grab as it would identify them but wee boy maybe 8 or 9 with, looks like, his Gran at the Free Tommy thing shouting ‘scum, scum, scum’ to a policeman stood right next to him, copying his Gran and looking for encouragement from her ... heartbreaking”. Not good. Not clever.
Then it all kicked off, as John Chilvers observed “Thugs throwing bottles and fighting police on Whitehall calling for Tommy Robinson to be released from jail”, and Andrew Ward confirmed “Tommy Robinson supporters fighting police outside Downing Street,after throwing bottles,at least one officer has been hit on the head with flag sticks”.
That this was a pointless exercise was underscored by Imran Khan musing “Tommy fans: Tommy EXPOSES grooming gangs. Me: Give me just ONE grooming gang that Tommy was the 1st to expose? I’m talking about a gang who had NOT been arrested or in the media, and Tommy was the FIRST ONE to EXPOSE them? Tommy supporters: but but...u grooming apologist!!!!”. And the farce was complete as Josh Salisbury reported “The free Tommy Robinson protestors in London today have stumbled into a naked bike ride, this is incredible”. There are no words. And there was no point in the protest.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon remains in prison. Because that’s what happens to criminals.


Unknown said...

Tim, the trademark sign - just hold 'alt' and type '0153'.... ™ It looks cooler than (tm). Buy me a pint later :D

Anonymous said...

Given that Tommy Boy is so ferociously against paedophiles, religious conspiracy and the corrupt cover-up of both, I eagerly await him turning his attention to the Catholic Church. I'm sure it's coming. Any day now...

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought: If our "intelligence" agencies can brief its agents to infiltrate harmless environmental groups and impregnate hapless women - How come they lack the "intelligence" to penetrate blatantly far right anti-democratic groups? Or maybe they have, but it suits another agenda to let them off the hook......

Tim Fenton said...


Actually Option + Shift +2 - I have a MacBook.

Might stretch to a half, then ;-)

Anonymous said...

Has anybody seen Rupert?

Is he hiding in a cave with the money that he made
A Kalashnikov by his side
won't cheat on him like a bride
Has anybody here seen Rupert?

Has anybody here seen Rupert?
Is he hiding because too much truth hurts?
Is he hiding out alone, like ET will he call home?
Has anybody here seen Rupert?

Lady Di, Dr Kelly, now his feud with British telly
Has anybody seen the vile fuck?
From his great big vault of secrets
To his beloved page 3 tits
We won't stop until the lot is gone.

Has anybody here seen Rupert?
Has he drunk himself into a stupor?
Is the cia protecting him?
Because they are his next of kin?
Has anybody here seen Rupert?

Will the plod just grow some balls
And question him about those calls
Or will they remain scared of what he has?
Joining him because they're just as bad.

Leaves more questions than answers.

Trouble is, the authorities are not asking the right ones.

Anonymous said...

They wouldn't stop putting Ukip and Farage on TV. He still presents a radio phone-in. This is an unsurprising consequence.

Mr Staines said...

Leave the Catholic religion alone.

danny said...

When they accuse you of defending child rapists ask them to accuse you of that again this time using their real name.

They soon go silent.

danny said...

They always accuse you of defending child rapists from behind anonymous accounts

Funny that.