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Sunday 17 June 2018

Katie Hopkins Sneers At Grenfell Memorial

Last week’s anniversary of the Grenfell Tower blaze, in which more than 70 people lost their lives and many more were left traumatised and homeless, was marked by politicians from across the political spectrum. But out there in La-La land, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins was determined to sneer and mock at anyone marking the event.
Viewers may still want to look away now

To this end, Hatey Katie put out a video, where she told “If you were in a coma yesterday, you may have missed the endless coverage of the first anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire … [Grenfell] neighbours told me about 200 people must have died in that block. Our Government could only admit to 72 because it was a bit awkward for them to ‘fess up to the fact we don’t have a clue who the hell’s in our country”.

Yes folks, the emergency services went through the whole building and confirmed the death toll, but conspiracy Katie says they are wrong. Then comes the Islam smear. “The fire is supposed to have been started by a fridge. In the middle of the night. During Ramadan. I can’t imagine what caused the fire during Ramadan after the sun went down”. She says the Scary Muslims™ caused the Grenfell blaze (see also HERE).

And anyone marking the occasion was next in her sights. “The sycophantic coverage across the state broadcaster [hasn’t had any invites from the BBC recently, then] for Grenfell was bloody exhausting. It banged on longer than Bishop Curry at the Royal Wedding [not that this is because he’s black, you understand]”.
The commemoration was also the Muslims’ fault. “Public buildings were lit up, Green for Grenfell, because since the Islamist terror attacks in our country we’ve really nailed this illumination lark. And politicians desperately trying to out-grief each other. These are the grief vultures, picking over the bones of the genuine sadness of many, for votes”. Anyone showing empathy was “desperate to show their pro-migrant, globalist cred”.

Then comes the news that the 14th of June is the anniversary of the liberation of the Falkland Islands in 1982. Yet even here, Ms Hopkins manages to forget that several hundred Argentines died in that conflict. But she does pass severely adverse comment on politicians “chasing votes and approval”, without noticing that the Falklands conflict was Margaret Thatcher’s own way of, er, chasing votes and approval. By saving her career.

But back to Hatey Katie, who tells it like it is on the lack of celebration for the Falklands and St George’s Day. “This is an appeasement of the worst order, an erosion of out identity and what it means to be British. We’re on bended knee to Islam, and gripped by this mandatory multiculturalism that prizes diversity above national pride. Our leaders are supplicant, acquiescing, and diluting anything that allows us to identify as British”.
Scary stuff. And with a whiff of fascism. “But 20 million Brits or more have had enough” she proclaims, though she will not be standing for elective office any time soon. But she does pass the e-begging bowl at the end, just to show that she is desperate for money.

It would be easy to laugh off this risible bigotry. But some out there are lapping it up, just as they believe Stephen Yaxley Lennon has been improperly imprisoned. The hate speech is finding those willing to listen to it. It’s not based in reality, it makes little sense, and it’s born out of howling ignorance. But we ignore it at our peril.


danny said...

What is ironic is that she after a few days following the fire were joining with those clamouring for answers.

That is until she found out that most of those killed were immigrants..then she went "fuck em who cares?"

Fucking racist witch

Anonymous said...

Incredible. The woman is clearly off her cake.

Wait until she hears green is not only the preferred colour of Islam, it was also the preferred colour of the Levellers during the short-lived English Revolution, and, even earlier, the preferred colour of the, er, Greens against the Blues in the Roman Empire.

That should confuse her no end.

Arnold said...

"The fire is supposed to have been started by a fridge. In the middle of the night. During Ramadan."
Nothing odd about that. People leave fridges on 24/7,even Scary Muslims™. I'm pretty sure that the Koran doesn't mention fridges at all.

Ceiliog said...

In the world of the stupid, fridges cannot catch fire on their own because they're cold.

Steve Woods said...

“But 20 million Brits or more have had enough.”

[Citation needed] as we Wikipedia editors would say.

Anonymous said...

You think they're so dumb, you think they're so funny
Wait until they've got you running
To the night rally

Elvis Costello, Night Rally

A Kelly said...

For the information of Hatie Kopkins, the annual service of remembrance for the Falklands conflict was held yesterday at the Falklands Islands memorial chapel in Pangbourne.