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Saturday 9 June 2018

Katie Hopkins - Now Owned By Russia

Having burnt a series of bridges here in the UK, getting sacked from her well-paid berths at both the Murdoch Sun and Mail Online, and having left a series of legal bills in her wake, pro-am motormouth Katie Hopkins has, as befits any good patriot who isn’t really one in the first place, been looking to other countries to pay her bills.
The former all-British patriot ...
... and her new boss

This has involved a series of appearances on Fox News Channel (fair and balanced my arse), where she can tell audiences Stateside how terrible things are in the UK because of all the Scary Muslims (tm), a berth with Canadian far-right propaganda outlet Rebel Media, occasional visits to South Africa to not really blame blacks for everything that goes wrong there, and, well, anywhere where someone else pays the bills.
So who’s paying the Hopkins piper and therefore calling the tune right now? Well, apart from Rebel Media, which puke-makingly told of her “first speech, about her high-risk international reporting from no-go zones around the globe” - that’s a nailed-on f*** right off moment if ever there was one - the answer is Russia.
Yes, Hatey Katie has been off to Russia, and given her financial state, they will have had to pay. “Breakfast with the Russians. May God gird my liver” she told her followers. following that with “A joy to be in St Petersburg. A place untouched by the myth of multiculturalism and deranged diversity”. Er, that’s not quite true, is it?
As one Tweeter told her, “You DO know that the city only exists in the first place because Pyotr the Great wanted to showcase foreign influences, right? St Petersburg was specifically created to BE multicultural”. Quite.
Ms Hopkins was not for listening to such trivia. Instead, it was on to “Beautiful. Here in Russia, national identity is clear and manifest to all-comers. Russia First”. Sounds like propaganda for Vladimir Vladimirovich. Do go on. “Is Putin really a monster? I’m here in St Petersburg ahead of the #WorldCup”. Yes, it is propaganda for Vladimir Vladimirovich.
And it’s propaganda that ignores such events as Putin having recently opened Moscow’s new Grand Mosque, or that Russia has a higher percentage of Muslims than the UK, which Ms Hopkins loyally describes to the rest of the world as some kind of hellhole.
Yet there she was once more propagandising for her supper: “A supporter of national identity, a defender of the Christian faith & ally of populists in Europe. Is Putin REALLY such a monster?” Well, apart from shooting down MH17 and killing 298 innocent civilians, having opponents killed even in the UK - or in the case of the Skripals, nearly killed - interfering in elections across the globe, running a Police state, fiddling his own elections, illegally annexing the Crimea, trying to destabilise the Baltic states, running a war in Ukraine, being a party to war and mass murder in Syria, destroying free speech and a free press, and buying the endorsement of has-been loudmouths, he’s just fine.

I give you Katie Hopkins - now a wholly owned asset of the Russian state.


Anonymous said...

What good has Hoppitykins ever achieved?

In other news, the cell next to TR has become vacant.

Arnold said...

I'm sure that Russia has changed in the forty years since I've been to Moscow, but I doubt that vodka is compulsory at breakfast. Unless she's a pisshead.

Anonymous said...

Hmm. Wonder which side she will be supporting in the forthcoming World Cup?

Maybe she could be convinced to go down and report from the front line on any trouble between foreign and home fans?

Jonathan said...

Maybe Katie would like to emigrate to Russia, with its economy shrinking, domestic violence against women virtually legalised, alcoholisim and drug addiction a serious problem in Russia much more than the UK or the lack of any real democracy outside of the Putin and United Russia Party?

Anonymous said...

I would think that Putin's record matches perfectly with any prime minister, president, chancellor, cuadillo, fuhrer, duce, king or queen anywhere in the West during at least the last three centuries. For evidence of which, see the public record.

People in self-righteous glass houses shouldn't throw hypocritical stones.

Hopkins?......Pffffttt......A far right arsewipe for sale. We should know - She's "one of our own"......And therefore not Russian.