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Sunday 8 July 2012

Heffer Scrapes The Blogger Barrel

In order to compete with Telegraph Blogs and the Guardian’s Comment Is Free, the Mail Online repository of ranting, RightMinds, has taken on board a number of aspiring right-leaning characters to contribute to Simon “Enoch was right” Heffer’s e-dustbin. But the signs are that the Hefferlump has had to scrape the barrel to populate his blog register.

The horrible Hefferlump in its natural habitat

And in coming to that conclusion, one name that has become increasingly visible from here on Zelo Street is that of Adrian Hilton. Who he? Well, Hilton is described asa former Parliamentary candidate”, but this manages to omit the fact that his selection, for the Slough constituency, was followed by Michael Howard having him removed prior to the 2005 General Election.

The removal came following Hilton’s assertion that the signing of the Maastricht Treaty by the UK had been “an act of treason. And little has changed in the intervening period: last October, in a post for Iain Dale’s new group blog Dale & Co., he asserted that “The Alternative to an EU Referendum is Civil Disobedience”. His RightMinds posts don’t improve that impression.

Hilton’s Euro-ranting has continued, with his celebration at “The fall of the house of Europe”, although of course this has not occurred. He then continued his quest for “liberation from the EU” by laying into Ken Clarke, who, having been allowed to contest a whole string of elections and who has held most of the great offices of state, is concluded to be some lesser kind of being.

Along the way, Hilton finds time to prop up the flaccid ego of the Hefferlump (whom he classifies as an “academic and political heavyweight”) by joining in with the “Enoch was right” rubbish, and ending by asking triumphantly “what manner of failure is it when the name of Enoch eclipses every Tory politician of the 20th century, excepting those of Winston and Margaret”.

To which the answer is that Powell was, and remains, a failure. But Hilton has saved his most rabid opinions until recently. First he asserted “George Soros warns of German Eurozone Reich” – although he acknowledged “he didn’t use the word ‘Reich’” – in attempting to align the EU with the memory of Nazism, and then attempted the most blatant smear against his greatest hate.

UKIP condemns EU anti-Semitism” he proclaimed two days ago, demonstrating not only his drift away from the Tory Party, but also his rabid paranoia. There follows paragraph after paragraph of self-justification, but the impression remains that Hilton is frightened of something that isn’t there, with his dredging up the Third Reich confirming his desperation to smear the EU.

One can only wonder how many more of these goons Heffer has recruited.

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Philip said...

I bet he wasn't talking about the Third Reich at all. I bet it was the Holy Roman Empire all along. Come on, what do you reckon?