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Tuesday 4 December 2018

Tommy Robinson March WILL BE OPPOSED

Next Sunday, the last remnants of the sad convocation of saloon bar propper-uppers known as UKIP will be holding a “Brexit Betrayal March” in London. But the real star of the show is not the Kippers’ leader Adolf von Batten, but Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson. And Lennon now has a problem: the left, which he has spent so long smearing, has decided it has had enough of him.
To this end, Momentum, the grassroots network which backs Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership of the Labour Party, has told its followers “Remember - People like Tommy Robinson do not 'expose' sexual crimes. They simply exploit stories of them to try and divide communities and raise racial tensions. While the rich get richer, Tommy has people blaming minorities - particularly Muslims. In essence, he's a fraud”.
Also, the group has put together a video showing just some of the Not Really Racist, Honestly behaviour which Lennon has exhibited in the recent past, not least his declaration that he hasn’t changed at all, complete with his calling Somalians “barbarians” and claiming that the London-born Mayor of London is an “invader”. Not racist at all, eh?
The message is clear: those opposed to Stephen Lennon’s particular brand of rabble rousing dishonesty should attend next Sunday to demonstrate against the UKIP event. Several well-known figures have endorsed this call, with many calling Lennon a racist, something he hates. Last year, he was prepared to make two round trips from Bedfordshire to Crewe in order to intimidate me over that claim (he failed).
Details of the event can be seen HERE. Who’s attending? Owen Jones, for one, who has told “Tommy Robinson is a racist and fascist. March against him this Sunday”. Paul Mason has joined in with “He's a racist spouting hate speech - here's the proof.... mobilise this Sunday!” Jon Lansman added “Yaxley-Lennon, aka a dangerous Islamophobe & racist, has new American friends with lots of money he’s using to try to reinvent himself. Please share this video. The truth will out”. And there was more,
Aleesha has also noticed Lennon’s sensitivity at being called out for racism. “Tommy Robinson’s favourite line is ‘what have I said that’s racist?’. Here’s an amazingly informative vid by Momentum that shows both his overt and covert bigotry which he continuously incites”. And Ash Sarkar has given Lennon both barrels.
She called him a “sentient fungal nail infection”, going on to comment on the claim that Lennon is this time merely about Brexit, “It’s a well known fact that Pakistan, Somalia and Bangladesh are all EU member states”. She correctly nails Lennon’s modus operandi, that he’s “just doing what he’s always done, reinventing himself so he can latch on to a mainstream issue, win over a few wealthy backers, and guarantee a shedload of mainstream media attention”. From the likes of Piers Morgan, a fellow Trump fan.
She had more to say. “That’s why I’ll be out, marching on the 9th of December … Tommy Robinson is a racist, a fraud, and an absolute wasteman”. Ouch!
If those opposed to the bigots could turn back Oswald Mosley, they can turn back Stephen Lennon, Gerard Batten and the Wall Of Gammon™. This time, they shall not pass.
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Anonymous said...

"Tommy's" time is running out.

What joy.

Unknown said...

Even Nidge Farage has had enough of the racist and his disgusting outpourings and his covert narcissism.
Nidge has thrown his ticket in and resigned from the Kippers..

Anonymous said...

You know you are really paddle-less up shit creek when Farage decides to bail out.

Mind you, his other decisions haven't really given reason not to doubt his actions...

damon said...

Tommy who?