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Monday 3 December 2018

Milo Yiannopoulos - STONEY BROKE

Milo and money. They never did enjoy a happy existence together: even before he left for the USA, Yiannopoulos had parted company with the Telegraph, leaving the paper with a five-figure tab to pick up after an aborted tech awards venture. The first incarnation of his online magazine The Kernel sank when he was unable to pay its debts (the sums involved were well into five figures, and legal action ensued). But he was not downhearted.
The Kernel resurfaced in Berlin, but with someone else in charge of the money. And then came the magical transformation: Yiannopoulos went to the USA, where he enjoyed an increasingly expensive lifestyle, which meant someone else was paying for it. He had been plucked from the scrapheap of spent nonentities by none other than Steve Bannon. He was placed in a position of responsibility at Breitbart.

But sadly, Yiannopoulos became a little too confident, and after news broke that he had been effectively endorsing paedophilia, the slippery slope beckoned. His book deal was cancelled. The money - which came courtesy of the Mercers - was cut off. He was shunned by those who had moved on to the next fame-chaser. But he kept spending.
Then came the opportunity to tour Australia, in partnership with the equally washed-up right-wing shock merchant Ann Coulter. But this has now been cancelled, because Yiannopoulos “demanded funds outside his contract”. Legal action has been commenced in order to recover the money already paid to him, and a series of documents has been released as part of that process. This reveals that he is broke.
One bill alone - that from Meister Seelig and Fein, for his legal action against publishers Simon and Shuster over the book they declined to publish, is for over $153,000. It has been outstanding for more than a year. A letter from MS&F to Yiannopoulos reveals that his company Milo Inc is now insolvent. And there are significant other debts.
Yiannopoulos helpfully summarised these, presumably to show the Australian promoters why he merited the payment of $40,000 upfront, in addition to almost $7,000 for his flights (one suspects The Great Man won’t have been prepared to slum it in Coach).

He owes $47,500 on his credit card alone. Payments to writers - those who worked for The Kernel will remember that - make up another $12,000 or so. Royalty payments come in at a further $140,000. There are other legal bills. In total, Yiannopoulos’ personal debt mountain has almost scaled the $500,000 mark. Thus the reward for a Z-list grifter.
Nor will there be many prepared to sympathise with him, not after well-documented instances of his trying to have some critics sacked from their jobs, and ordering up vindictive hatchet jobs on others. He told the Australian promoters that his situation “isn’t catastrophic. Not worth bankruptcy, certainly”, but now he isn’t getting any money from that gig, and they are pursuing legal action to recover funds from him, it might just be.

Five and a half years ago, this blog put The Curse Of Zelo on Milo Yiannopoulos. It gives me significant pleasure to see that it has now taken out the SOB. Bye bye Milo.

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woody said...
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Anonymous said...

Here's a safe bet:

Neither Daily Heil or Scum "journalists" will call him a scrounger.

Unsurprisingly, really, because that's what the gutless twats are too. On Rothermere and Murdoch "welfare".

Arnold said...

I could almost feel sorry for him.
Only joking.

Unknown said...

Will the Daily Mail, Sun or even the right wing shock jocks on Auntie Beeb namely Brillo pad, Marr, Matliss and Morgan call out Milo for his sponging and spendthrift ways and call him out as a coward and a narcissist?

Of course not, they won't kick one of their own and one that would bite back through the courts. Only those without power, connections and the money get the labels as they don't vote Tory and can't afford to defend themselves.
Great to see Milo's finances going down the swanny like his career. Maybe the great leader will actually do something worthy for society rather than self interest. Someone or the great Gammon will ride to Milo's rescue.
The only one I have sympathy for is Milo's 'husband', a young man used and abused for publicity purposes who would do well to escape the Milo circus and stay well away from the right wing Gammon hoarders, who won't be pleased to learn that Milo has betrayed them.

Anonymous said...

@Unknown, don't feel sorry for Milo's husband John McKinley Campbell because he knew all about Milo and his frauds. We live in an era of internet, technology. In 2012, John was penniless, had to work as a "lab rat" for the pharmaceutical company and now he wears Gucci clothes and shoes and Cartier diamond jewelry. Mr Campbell is not a naive 35 y. old black man who married a British professional con artist. He is Milo's accomplice, enabler.

nparker said...


To be fair, most people wouldn't have heard of Yeah-Nope-A-Louse anyway. And now he's faded even more into mediocre obscurity!

Anonymous said...

You forgot to include how his white privilege grant was basically a scam! I used to be a fan of his back at the start but then he ran around trying to collect money for everything that he did and as my grandfather once said never pay someone to speak since they will only lie to get you to give them more.

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, who say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie" -Revelation 3:9