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Monday 10 December 2018

Tommy Robinson LIES About March Size

After the UKIP Nuremberg-style victory rally yesterday, when Adolf von Batten gained the endorsement of Goebbels figure Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, the claims and counter claims about how many attended the march and rally have continued. This has given Lennon the opportunity to claim, once again, that only he is telling THE TRUTH and all those rotten real journalists are liars.
Hence his claimTENS OF THOUSANDS of normal every day people descended on London today to peacefully protest about the Brexit Betrayal. If you ever want to see first hand the LIES of the left then look at the Metro, Guardian and Momentum who today published that only 1500 turned up and then WATCH this video!

Sadly for Lennon, one look at the Metro and Guardian reports shows that he is, once again, lying, an unfortunate state of affairs for someone so ready to call “liar” on others. Indeed, Metro’s headline isTommy Robinson leads thousands of ‘Brexit betrayal’ protesters on Ukip march”. The Guardian report pitches a figure of 3,000.

And Hope Not Hate, which Lennon despises with a passion, gave Lennon’s event a rather more favourable gloss than The Great Man might have hoped, telling “Roughly 5000 gather for Tommy Robinson and UKIP Demonstration in London”. What he won’t like is that HnH also asserted that his march was “dwarfed” by the counter protest led by the likes of Owen Jones and other figures from the left and centre-left.

Still, what else did Lennon have to tell his adoring faithful? “The MSM and establishment are just so scared! Imagine how many more would have turned up if Farage and co had not been spreading scare stories all week. Thank you to each and every one of you, it was a great atmosphere all day”. Well, there might be a good reason the MSM are scared, and that is down to the less then savoury treatment meted out to them by Lennon’s supporters.
As HnH noted, “those keen on trouble only had the press to attack with numerous photographers being physically ejected from the press area by angry Lennon supporters”. Lennon whines incessantly about bad publicity, seemingly unaware that he and his pals are contributing directly to it by their sometimes violent hostility to the media.

Moreover, he is not attracting significant numbers of new supporters. HnH concluded “While 5000 is a worrying and significant number for any far right event, it is significantly less than the organisers would have hoped … Today certainly didn’t feel like momentum was building but rather plateauing … Also evident was the fact that the event failed to attract the new respectable figures they had hoped”. Quite.

Stephen Lennon and his new pals in UKIP won’t improve their media coverage with threats, lock-outs, intimidation - and certainly not with lies. If they want to have the press report that they got 10,000 plus at a rally, there is only one way to do that, and that is to actually get 10,000 plus to turn up - rather than just pretend they did.

Yesterday, the far right came off second best. Deal with it, UKIP people.
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Anonymous said...

"Robinson" attacking corporate media is rather like the pot calling the kettle, er, black.

Pun intended.

Broadcast media coverage I saw lasted approximately 30 seconds and failed to report comparative crowd sizes, but DID say they were kept apart "to avoid clashes". Thus implying one motivation was as bad as the other. The reportage was of course concocted by the right wing BBC.

"Robinson" has yet to learn the same weasel words and methods as corporate media righties. He makes his lunacy too obvious. Which is why they are reluctant to openly support him.

Not that it makes that much difference in the end. The aggregate result is the same poison in different doses. They're all racist gobshites together.

Kidder said...

Have you watched the video's? I saw a proud photo on twitter of the far left protest march on regent street and there was about 50. At tommys march I'd say there was just over 20,000. The arrests on the day as usual was from the left wingers. The on anger was from the left, tommys march was regarded as pleasant and peaceful by the police, where as the lefties were all in balaclavas and acting like animals. The BBC isn't right wing but extreme far left. I'm putting this webpage up there with the guardian,independent and metro. FAKE NEWS. Watch the video's and you'll find reality differs largely from what this coward has written. Can you also tell us what Tommy has said which is racist? Islam is an ideology created by a mentally deranged paedophile warlord to amass an army to assist in his demand for killing, raping and pillaging. Again do your research and find the truths, something which you're not doing, seems strange as most of you are uni students

Anonymous said...

Kidder 20:40.

U OK hun?

Flood said...

Kidder – which video’s were you looking at? Try looking at those from sources other than via Hatey Katey and her friends. The ones I saw showed a distinct lack of numbers as far as Mad Tommy goes.
50 on the protest march? FAKE NEWS yourself – get your eyes tested!
Look at the banners: I saw more than 50 placards in five minutes just taking in the atmosphere. A pissed off police inspector admitted to me that their count for the pro Brexit event was 3600-3700, give or take 25. And there was no aggression from the proud lefties where I was – that officer kept telling his men to be ready to restore order WHEN ‘they’ start something, so he was doubly annoyed when nothing happened. The worst was when three stereotypical right wing thugs started chanting, only to be drowned out by the return chant from a couple of hundred anti Robinson protestors, followed by laughter as the police hustled the embarrassed skinheads away.

Religion is superstitious bunkum, fairy tales for the gullible. Look at all the catholic priests who have been sex offenders. You want rape and pillage - look at what happened when Europeans first arrived in the Americas. Christianity revolved about underage sex, rape, incest and sexual murder until it was purged from the bible by embarrassed rewriters – but show me an ancient religious scripture that didn’t originally contain such shameful content.

And you really cannot see how that cretin Robinson has demonstrated his racism? How about him promoting his pet theory that a certain section of the population is child grooming while wilfully ignoring the fact that his favourite bogeymen are but a tiny percentage of offenders, as he gleefully snubs the vast majority who are not Muslim.
No, not racist at all (sarcasm).

Kidder said...

I'm guessing you watched it on the owen jones youtube channel or on the guardians. All msm have a narrative to follow and all will do everything they can to stop Tommy exposing the truths about this evil ideology. You do know the reason why TR joined the BNP and then immediately left it? They wouldn't allow his black mates to join! So please enlighten me how he's racist? I'll give you a clue, you make yourself a complete idiot thinking islam or muslims are a race. May I also remind you that nearly a million girls have been raped in the UK by muslim rape gangs, so TR does have a legitimate right to tell the people the truths about this evil ideology that condones the taking of sex slaves, which is what these girls were treated like. When our government and MSM tell us that islam is the religion of peace and muslims have nothing to do with terrorism yet islam is an ideology not a religion, and muhammad himself said "I've been victorious through terror" Then you know you lot are telling lies too. Are you paid by uncle George or was you brainwashed through your uni days. For your information islam means submission in arabic, sounds like to me you're already there

Tim Fenton said...


Your comment contains significant amounts of untruth, so don't start lecturing others about lying.

Also, thanks for the dead giveaway "Uncle George" comment. Bit of anti-Semitism on the side, eh? Give my regards to Stephen when he throws you a biscuit.

Flood said...

Sorry, been a bit occupied with work which is why this is a little late.

Kidder – I watched on several actual (real) news sites but thanks for pointing me to another couple.

Truth, eh? You do know that Mr double barrelled name has also gone by the moniker Wayne King, although it would have been more accurate had he used Wayne Kerr because, well, you know...truth. Maybe what you say about him joining the BNP is the truth – but then this is what he has claimed and we all know he can tell the likes of yourself and get worshipped like a persecuted messiah, so who knows. Personally I believe he made overtures to the leadership and when they didn’t bow down to him he threw his teddy out of the playpen.

Islam might well be an ideology but the people who follow it are, by a vast majority, not very white; hmm, makes you think doesn’t it? And if nearly a million girls have been raped in the UK (please provide details on that fairy tale) by Muslims then just how many have been raped by the vast majority who are not Muslim? If 10% of grooming was by Muslims then that surely makes it about nine million underage/teenage rapes by non Muslims – what does ‘saint’ Tommeh propose to do about that, and when will he blunder in and attempt to ruin a court case not involving Muslims, in the name of exposing the ‘truth’?

As for brainwashing... Pointing a finger at me generally means you have three more pointing back at you, and I think you’ll find that (as the protests on Sunday show) the drug peddling, mortgage fraud-ing, illegal passport using, police assaulting jailbird idiot whose actions threatened an ongoing trial is more likely to brainwash his followers into believing his outlandish claims than a government who couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery; you are, after all, rather gullible.

Kidder said...

He joined the BNP as they were the only organisation doing anything against muslims harassing our heroes coming back from active duty, when they said his coloured friends couldn't join he left. I'm pretty sure if you and your family were targeted by known terrorists and their ilk you'd be changing your name too to get out of the MSM spotlight. When was the last time muslims stood up enmasse after a terrorist attack and said there's a massive problem within our ideology? I've never heard of any protest for it, yet something goes against them they're all out tearing down towns and cities. Upto 90% of 'grooming gangs' are muslim and nearly 1 million girls have been affected by this.https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/child-sex-abuse-gangs-could-5114029 this is the Labour MP for Rotherham telling it as it is then later being fired for exposing it and going against the government narrative of keeping it quiet.In a 'white' majority population you'd expect the majority of rapists to be 'white' but they act individually and targeting individuals on the whole, whereas muslim rape gangs are fathers,sons,uncles,workmates and fellow mosque attendee's passing the girls around like sex slaves doing horrible things to them.You seem to be the brainwashed one from MSM and others of the like of owen jones, it's you that needs to stray away from MSM and start seeing the truths and not the lies being spread to keep the common purpose narrative going.