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Wednesday 12 December 2018

Tommy Robinson Intimidation OUT OF CONTROL

Anyone who has studied the machinations of Stephen Yaxley Lennon, who styles himself Tommy Robinson, knows where he lives. The house number. The street name. The locality. How to get there. But that address does not get revealed. Even those viscerally opposed to Lennon and his particular brand of thuggery, dishonesty, bigotry, intimidation and the rest grants him and his family their privacy. To do otherwise is out of order.
Sadly, the same cannot be said for Lennon’s behaviour towards those who incur his displeasure, as Zelo Street regulars know all too well. When he turned up on my doorstep in the dead of night - two nights running - he deliberately revealed enough details to effectively identify my house. Do as Tommy says, not as he does. He’s a hypocrite.

So it was the other night when Lennon, in a routine display of thuggery and intimidation, made a six hour road trip to lean on the parents of someone who had taken the piss out of him. His excuse was that this person had revealed his address. His address has not, repeat not, REPEAT NOT, been revealed. This I have checked and double checked.

Worse, Lennon, as usual, did not turn up on his own. He rocked up on his target’s doorstep with THREE pals in tow. One, thus far unidentified, videoed the whole thing. Another, identified as Kevin Carroll, had, it is believed, driven the car, and spent some time shooting his gob off, when a Police Officer arrived, about what he would have done if it had been his son revealing someone’s address. Which had not been revealed.

And as Lennon was live streaming the event, his band of followers began to share details of his target, along with the usual welter of sneering, leering abuse. Lennon knew this was happening, but did nothing to stop it. Not until later, when he posted on Facebook saying that his followers should not share those details. After they had shared them.

Lennon also revealed that his target was at University. Thus, he made his identification easier. Likewise when he said he and his pals had to undertake a six-hour drive, and a longer return journey, in order to perform their act of intimidation. On someone who had dome nothing to harm him, or his family. Just to gain leverage on someone else.
This is where Lennon's behaviour will lead ...

Then, Lennon announced on the return journey, during a routine exercise in self-pity - telling his followers how shattered he was, which was the result of his own choices - that he had got his target’s father to “sort his son out”. Who the merry fuck does he think he is - the law? He also struck a threatening tone, letting everyone know that he had all the addresses, and all the videos. But he wasn’t going to use them. Not yet, anyway.

And as if it could not get worse, into this display of amateur vigilantism stumbled free sheet Metro and a hack called Adam Smith. “Tommy Robinson forced to evacuate family home after address shared onlinetold the headline, which contained two non-trivial mistakes. One, Lennon’s home had, as far as is known, not been evacuated, and Metro had no evidence that it had. And two, his address, for the umpteenth time, had not been revealed.

But do go on. “Tommy Robinson has had to leave the home he shares with his wife and children after his address was shared on the internet. The former EDL leader then travelled for six hours to confront the student who posted his personal details to the public”. Wrong twice, once again. His personal details were not posted (again). And Lennon did not travel to “confront the student”. He travelled to threaten and intimidate that person’s parents, who had no part in what their son had, in fact, not done.

At least Metro relayed Lennon’s admission: “Please don’t share his address, pictures and name. I have come to his house and spoke to his parents, who live at the address. His mum and dad got hold of him for me at 7am, and I have video footage of me speaking to him. His mum and dad have had an awful night. So do me a favour and don’t share anything. He has an innocent mum and dad in that home who would have had a terrible night”. They had a terrible night because Lennon and his pals went and threatened them.
... and this is where it will end up

Oh, and “I know he has put my family at risk”. No he hasn’t. And if Lennon had been so concerned about his family’s welfare, why did he go off for a six hour drive and leave them at [address redacted]? As with everything else, it is all about him. That he has screwed up the lives of a young man and his parents - ON A LIE - means nothing to him.

Stephen Lennon was bang out of order in what he just did. Totally, utterly, unequivocally, absolutely out of order. And it isn’t the first time: when someone who worked at a solicitor’s firm in Luton gave out the name of the general area where Lennon lived (not his address, though) - because of yet another claim that he still lived in Luton - Lennon and his heavies rocked up at that office and kept coming back until they lost that man his job.

And he didn’t care. Because it was all about him. Now he’s an advisor to UKIP. What kind of message does that send out? Don’t diss the Kippers or Gerard will send the boys round to fuck up a few lives and maybe lose someone their job? There’s a catchy election message. This went beyond a joke a long time ago. It’s time it stopped.

Stephen Yaxley Lennon and his wild west show is now out of control. He is behaving as if he is not only above the law, but that he is the law. And that’s not good enough.
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Anonymous said...

Criminal harassment surely?

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later it's inevitable "Robinson" and his gang will breach the law.

After which, jail.

Which is where they all belong.

Anonymous said...

Got to ask what he has to do to end up where he really should be.

And by where he should be I am referring to prison.

Also, how come a few media articles mention his other convictions but hardly ever mention his drug offense(s?)?

ISKRA said...

King Rat Lennon needs to be stopped. He is orchestrating a campaign of intimidation, targeting and terror against innocent families and youngsters.

nparker said...

I consider this a form of terrorism. The authorities should class these shitbag thugs as terrorists, arrest them and jail them. No tolerance for terrorism, full stop.

They'll be fitted for jumpsuits some day. Good.

Robinson should realise his existence does not actually do anything for the world, and either change that, or admit his crimes and go to prison, removing himself from the rest of us.

I never trusted the Metro, somehow. Now I know how right I was. Stinking newspaper.

Anonymous said...

I think it's important to note that the person in question who he has intimidated, has been very good at covering SYL every move recently, including documenting everything that happened with the young lad being bullied and where SYL deleted all the vids, the lad in question with all this, volunteered the solicitor of the bullies lad all of the videos and to assist him with all his screengrabs. I think the questions you should be asking is what is happening in the background regarding this as it's very obviously that SYL feels threatened by him and wants to shut him down. He is a hypocrite as this lad was only ever covering whatever was put out into the public domain anyway. If people want to know where SYL lives,they'll find out. No doubt this is just a publicity stunt. Interesting to see he has recently lifted his grip on Muslims and instead focusing on elderly,disabled, people with mental health issues and children. I believe Lennon has serious mental health issues and I for one will be really pleased when he gets puts back in a cell where he belongs. It's for his own good and that of others who he makes lives a misery of.

Anonymous said...

Lennon is egotistical enough to believe he's untouchable. He's not, and he won't be the first to make this serious mistake.

fisheyesam said...

It would be helpful to provide sources to show his address was never revealed. Just saying you have double checked is not good enough. I want to believe you, Lennon is a prick. But you need to elaborate on such an important aspect. Just saying so is what the prick SYL calls "reporting". We need something a bit better.

notlocalcarleve said...


Anonymous said...

Very difficult, if not impossible, to prove a negative.