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Friday 7 December 2018

Priti Patel - There Are No Words

The movement towards Irish independence that began in the 19th Century had all manner of forces driving it, but one burning injustice stood out above all others: the Great Famine of the late 1840s, caused by potato blight. Around a million people, mainly from the south and west of Ireland, died as a result of the famine; around a million more emigrated, many to the United States, others to the British mainland.
Worse, food exports from Ireland continued during the famine. Irish exports of calves, livestock (except pigs), bacon, and ham actually increased during the Famine. Much of that food came from the parts of Ireland worst affected by famine. It is, as with famines in India, part of the most shameful legacy of the British Empire.

This is understood by those who have even the most basic grasp of the history of the island of Ireland. But not one former cabinet minister. After it was revealedLeaked government papers show Ireland faces the prospect of taking a bigger economic hit than the UK should there be a disorderly withdrawal from the European Union. According to the documents, Ireland could see a 7 per cent drop in GDP under a no deal Brexit, whereas the UK would suffer a 5 per cent drop”, the detail was provided.

A government report, leaked to the Times of London, has indicated that there could be food shortages in Ireland in a no-deal Brexit scenario, and the economic impact on Ireland would be worse than in the UK … This is based on the large number of food exports from the UK to Ireland (more than half of the total food imported to Ireland comes from the UK)”.

So who would like to use the prospect of food shortages to kick the Irish? As if you need to ask. “Tory MP Priti Patel has told the [Times] that these warnings should have been used as leverage against Ireland to encourage them to drop the backstop”.

Condemnation was immediate. Threatening Ireland using food supplies as a stick with which to beat the Government in Dublin? “Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reacted to the story, saying that ;The sheer moral bankruptcy of the Tory Brexiteers is on full display today.’” Labour’s Lisa Nandy was of similar opinion.

She told “Threatening Ireland in this way is as morally reprehensible as it is futile. Britain should be showing itself to be a dependable neighbour and friend in the future, and it is frightening that Brexiteers are even contemplating a move which could see stopping trade, including food supplies, being weaponised in this way, particularly given the uncomfortable historical echoes”. The party’s deputy leader Tom Watson also weighed in.

This is an insult to all the people of Ireland. It displays ignorance to history and a political insensitivity that is unworthy of an MP. She should retract and apologise”. i News concluded its report by referring to the great decline in Ireland’s population that came with, and followed, the Great Famine: “The country’s population has still not returned to the levels before 1845”. The rot at the heart of the Tory Party is on full view today.

And remember, they allowed Priti Patel to become an MP. She was then gifted a ministerial portfolio. Be afraid, ordinary voters. Be very afraid.
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Anonymous said...

Patel is simply doing what tories always do: Kick a prone street casualty. Preferably while the victim is face down and unconscious.

You need only watch a re-run of the Bot's hysterical and contemptible jeering "performance" following Corbyn's Commons recital of poverty statistics and the increased use of food banks.

There's something missing in tories, especially in their women. It's the bit that makes human beings with a conscience and decency. The bit that makes civilised society.

Arnold said...

Since the UK has over 12 times Ireland's population and is also a net food importer, it's not the best weapon to choose.

MisterMuncher said...

Respectfully, Ireland never had a famine. Ireland had a potato blight. The food shortage was entirely man made.

Anonymous said...

MisterMuncher is entirely right.

Food warehouses were full in Dublin and could easily have helped ease the horror.

But British Empire policies ensured the supplies were locked away so "the free market wasn't distorted". Greedy bullshit which survives to this day, especially among tory spivs.

Which is why to this day the British are hated throughout the former empire, not just in Ireland.

Arnold said...

Apparently we've done her an injustice and taken her statement out of context. No, me neither.

Stephen Butcher said...

Patel is despicable but I must point out that the term "British mainland" raises hackles in Ireland.