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Sunday 16 December 2018

Sun Strictly Stacey Smear SCUPPERED

Petulant creep Dan Wootton of the Murdoch Sun was deeply offended at the rebuke he received from proper journalist Stacey Dooley after he suggested, looking over the roster of hopefuls for this year’s Strictly Come Dancing, that nobody had heard of her. She had only fronted several series of documentaries and been awarded an MBE along the way. Wootton hadn’t done his homework (again). But it wasn’t his fault.
The embittered Murdoch goon decided on his usual course of action: a series of vindictive smears against Ms Dooley, none of them based upon such inconveniences as facts. These culminated in a slice of knocking copy designed to sway viewers into withholding their support during the all-important final, when their votes would choose the winner.
STACEY Dooley has been branded a ‘massive diva’ by Strictly crew after making demands backstage ahead of the final. The BBC3 presenter, 31, ordered staff to go and buy her a new outfit on Thursday morning ahead of a radio and press conference appearance even though all the shops were closed - after she failed to follow the instructions given to her” claimed the article, which Wootton delegated to a gofer.
And who gave the Sun this gem of non-information? “A TV source said: ‘Stacey turned up for an appearance on Chris Evans’ Breakfast Show at eight in the morning but hadn’t brought anything glamorous to wear as asked by bosses’”. A TV source called Dan Wootton, who made it up. But do go on. “Sources close to Strictly have also claimed that staff on the BBC1 series have ‘fallen out of love’ with the telly star in recent weeks because of her behaviour backstage”. Sources close to the petulant creep, you mean.
Oh, and “The Sun revealed last week how Stacey’s boyfriend Sam, 30, was insanely jealous of her relationship with pro partner Kevin Clifton, 36, on the show”. That was made up rubbish, too. As those who knew Strictly confirmed, like Matt Bagwell of the HuffPost: “This is what happens when you refuse to answer a q from The Sun at the #Strictly press conference. Utter tosh”. Kevin Clifton, Ms Dooley’s dance partner, concurred: “Yep”.
Was she a “diva”? Suzanne Carmony was dismissive: “Oh please. Thats just some hack from a rag newspaper venting their jealousy because she’s a better investigative journalist than them”. Rebecca Roffe was not put off supporting Ms Dooley. “I already loved her but her refusal to answer a question from the S*n just makes me want to vote for @StaceyDooley and @keviclifton even more!” And then she WON the final.
Bagwell observed “What a brilliant final. Made up for Stacey and Kevin. And good to see that made up bullshit headline today had no effect whatsoever *blows raspberry*”. Yes, it was the Sun wot lost it! But even then, Wootton and his gofers could not let it drop. So readers have now been told “JAMES Jordan has called Strictly Come Dancing winner Stacey Dooley a ‘complete mess’”. Sun people, you lost. Get over it.

Perhaps when Dan Wootton is next considered for one of those back-slapping awards that he so clearly does not merit, his track record of lying and smearing will be taken into account, and the gongs will be given to someone who actually deserves them.
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Arnold said...

And in the Sunday Upskirt.
"Was Stacey flashing her Dooley?' Strictly winner shocks viewers with VERY unfortunate wardrobe malfunction as she has fans questioning whether she wore underwear during racy routine"


Unknown said...

Stacey has gone up even higher in my estimation, refusing to talk to the Sun as well as winning Strictly. Next hope she ever considers politics she stands for Labour.

Mark said...

Love Ms Dooley - a well deserved win and further proof that The S*n's pull is finally ebbing away

Anonymous said...

For Christ's sake Tim...Don't go all tabloid on us.

Especially not with this kind of lascivious trivia. You're better than that.

Promise me you'll buck up.

A Kelly said...

Stacey Dooley is not a journalist. She is a television presenter. And having an MBE means nothing.

Anonymous said...

@Ann, don't be such a snob - TV presenters don't go to the frontline in the fight against ISIS do they?

Añn Kelly said...

Anon,As she neither produces,directs or scriptrights her programmes, that makes her a presenter and nothing else. No matter who she interviews.,(And that was fixed by someone else as well.)

Mark said...

To be fair Ann, Louis Theroux doesn't direct, produce or 'scriptrights' (sic) many of his documentaries either, yet people don't have a problem describing him as a journalist. Is it a gender/age thing? Most journalists have their interviews fixed by their team anyway.

I wouldn't personally call her a journalist myself, but not for - as Anon implies with his/her reply to you - snobbish reasons. She's a documentarian. And a fine one at that.

Anon, I saw that Stacey documentary about ISIS and you're right, it took some bloody guts to get so close to the gunfire. I haven't seen many other 'journalists' put themselves through such ordeals. She may have her critics but gave me Stacey Dooley over other BBC 'journos' like Laura Kuenssberg or old Brillopad any day.

Anonymous said...

!@Ann, don't be such a snob - TV presenters don't go to the frontline in the fight against ISIS do they?!

Oh dear lord this woman is fighting ISIS, she's reporting about them.

Dear oh dear.