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Sunday 2 December 2018

Julia Hartley Dooda Christianity Fail

As Christmas approaches, we begin the Christian season of Advent. This should, one would expect, be understood by those who like to affect an air of authority, like, oh I dunno, TV and radio hosts - even if they themselves are not religious. They would also, one assumes, impart this information to their children. Or maybe not.
We know who you are, thanks

Because one radio host who knows everything about everything, or at least rabbits excessively on every subject under the sun, clearly missed this. Yes, TalkRADIO’s tedious morning show presenter Julia Hartley Brewer has prioritised engaging mouth before brain yet again, in an episode which parades her ignorance as if it were a merit badge.
It’s the school ‘Festive Fair’ today. I wonder which festival we’re going to be celebrating... Any ideas?” she trilled to her less then thrilled Twitter followers. She could have just indulged in the mystical art known as “five minutes’ Googling”, but no, actually seeking out knowledge is anathema to someone who knows it all already.
So it was that the replies to which she paid attention were those like “The Festival of CIS Women”, to which she awarded a “Lol”. Or someone who suggested “Womanhood”, which she declared to be very good. But no response to anyone mentioning anything Christian. Or any sign that she had bothered to ask the school.
That brought this rebuke from Andrew Banks: “You chose this school for your kids. If you don’t like how they go about things, then stop sniping from the sidelines and move them to another school. Or would rather just use your kids education to make the usual bs hackneyed, cliched ‘political correctness gone mad’ complaints”. Well, one kid, anyway.
Wouldn’t someone give her a hint? Mark Andrew had a stab at it. “The one where we acknowledge that Jesus was … Homeless … An immigrant … Of ethnic origin … Poor … Which one do you want to celebrate?” Christian something? No? No indeed.
So now Ms Hartley Dooda is going to take to the airwaves tomorrow morning doing her I-know-better-than-this-school schtick, only for anyone calling in to remind her she doesn’t know what she’s on about (again). And this is a supposedly knowledgeable pundit.
All of which caused the cynical Twitterati to pass yet more adverse comment upon her, one respondent asking “What does it matter? Are you a practicing Christian?” [Christian hint again, and again going unheard], with another replying “She's not even a practising human mate”. BOOM! Ouch! Many a true word spoken in jest once more.

Julia Hartley Dooda shows, once more, why the current pool of pundits used by our broadcasters is not fit for purpose. I’ll just leave that one there.
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Unknown said...

festive: adjective; relating to a festival, especially Christmas.
Christmas: Noun; The annual Christian festival celebrating Christ's birth.

Source: Oxford English Dictionary

So it's a bloody Christmas fair then, isn't it.

Rich M said...

Each year it doesn't feel like Christmas has properly started until there's a story pops up about Christmas being banned somewhere, or re-named Winterval or something like that. It's become another wonderful tradition. Happy Holidays everyone.

Ceiliog said...

It's the Festival of Brexit, Julia.
Get a free Brexit chocolate - Stupid coating with a hard self centre.

Unknown said...

Julia Hypocrite-Dooda cares about Christmas so much she quite literally stated she is an atheist on Radio 4's 'Any Questions' just last year. You can still listen to it for yourself.

BBC Radio 4, Any Questions?, 28th July 2017..

Anonymous said...

Yebbut I'll bet she styles herself as one of those Judeo-Christian atheists.